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I just have to finally rant about the local Sainsbury's on Green Lanes. I have watched it steadily deteriorate in recent years but now it's appalling!!! There are hardly any check-outs operated by cashiers now, meaning long queues. When I asked one of the staff recently why there was never enough tills open I was told that was what the new management wanted.

The self-service tills also have long queues and a lot of the time they don't work properly or you need help with them. Now you have to scan your receipts to leave that section but even that wasn't working today meaning I had to wait for someone to open them. This is not saving any time!!!

I am reasonably competent with automation but I dread to think how some elderly or vulnerable people who find it fiddly cope with it. Less interaction with people which is just sad when you think it might be the only chance some people have of talking to anyone

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Kind of strange, it's off the main high road but possibly the biggest Sainsburys in the Universe :)

It must be really bad Hugh if you were 'yearning' for Sainsbury's Harringay!

'Our' Sainsburys actually is one of the better supermarkets around after trying out others in different areas. And the staff there are friendly.

We could just put a bit of pressure on the management to have a few more tills staffed. 

I was in there the other day and noticed how grim it was. Lots of staff stocking up shelves whilst people tried to shop around them and big queues. I also had no idea how to get out of the self-checkout area as I'd not printed a receipt.

The Sainsbury's up on Turnpike Lane near the Northern Railway Tavern is decent. Never seems too busy and feels a bit more spacious. Morrison's up in Wood Green is surprisingly OK too, always seem to have plenty of staff on.

I am sure there are better Sainsbury's around but I just go to the Harringay one because it's closest but if the experience gets more like Aldi I might start shopping in there more often

I think part of the problem is that online shopping and delivery has been a victim of its own success.  I was talking to the chap who delivered my Sainsbury order a few weeks ago and he said that he often has sit and wait for an order to be completed because of the lack of pickers.  Maybe pulling front more of house staff who would have operated tills onto picking work along with a move to self service to save them money is compounding the problem of long queues?

I stopped at the Woodberry Sainsbury's on the way home tonight. Falling apart? You must be joking. So organised are they that chocolate Santas are already available. You'll have to be quick though. Only 13 weeks until Christmas.

Yes, it's rather sad. The nice Thai-looking lady at the self-service checkouts who's been there for years and years looks rather glum. 

I know the one you mean and yes she does

I always try to say something positive and nice to check out staff. They work hard and have to put up with a lot

Yes I agree - and let's not forget how dependent we were on them during all those lockdowns - I don't want them replaced by machines

Never forget how they worked all through lockdowns and always grateful to them as it's not like they earn a lot of money. A smile and kind word goes a long way! 



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