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Taken from Crouch End forums but has implications for this side of the tracks too. Is also possible to mention problems with walking to places and rat running traffic too so it's not just for cyclists. This seems to be mainly aimed at temporary fixes in the current situation but allows to add to suggestions that it should be made permanent.

Safer update! In a nutshell: Haringey say they’re working on it - but now we need to fill in their new online map so they can see the demand for change...

It’s been amazing seeing so many people locally calling for safer cycling over the past few weeks. I’ve been sending every message calling for change to the relevant councillors so they know the strength of feeling.

The great news is Haringey appears to have listened and say they are working on a series of cycle routes and low traffic neighbourhoods. Low traffic neighbourhoods are vital and really cheap to do - by closing one end of a residential road you can filter out the rat running traffic while allowing bikes and pedestrians through and still allowing residents, visitors and the emergency services full access to the street from the end that’s left open.

It is, however, unclear to what extent the Crouch End area is part of their plans.

This means it is absolutely crucial as many of us as possible visit the newly launched map and tell them where we want safer cycling locally.

The map is at: https://haringeystreetspaces.commonplace.is/ If there’s somewhere that you'd like to see made safer, tell them.

And please, look at what others have suggested and like as many suggestions as you agree with - the most important thing is they can see plenty of demand for change.

Thank you.

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Yes I noticed the up/down issue. Rather odd, I thought.

I think the New River path belongs to Thames Water. Anyone thought of asking them ?

The idea that a rogue pro-cycling pressure group could game the system to affect wholesale change across the borough ignores the fact that the council couldn't give a toss about cyclists in the first place.

So much so that they probably WOULD try and divert them down the New River Path without asking if it was a good idea. Anyone that isn't on a basket-plodder would probably ignore it for all the reasons Rich outlined.

And then the nasty cyclists are ignoring the infrastructure built for them!... So we simply can't win.

It will be interesting to see how Haringey will try and ignore the weight of evidence there about Wightman Road. Perhaps our local councillors could take this up?

Ha ha ha. Adrian are you worried that the churches are not able to rally their congregations and the mosque too I guess and that finally something might be done on the ladder to stop it being the last great rat run (a mile!) in London?

Worth reminding ouselves how the previous similar interactive map comments from a couple of years ago were considered?

Chapter 2 and Appendix B in this doc - https://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/community_eng...

Eg "comments made have been treated on their merits, and that the engagement undertaken was not a voting process" but then goes ahead presenting all the results in order of those with most votes and comments

Pile on with comments and thumbs up's for a Harringay Low Traffic Neighbourhood?

Try this link - the f was missing from pdf!


(Original link now corrected. Thanks, Michael.
Site Admin)

It's a bit surprising to see the relatively poor support for School Streets measures on the Ladder. The one-way weirdness and years of tinkering probably complicating things.

But there's a tasty little head to head brewing on the other side of GL. There are two unused underpasses from the St Ann's area into the Arena side. One in the current Hospital site, and the other is the Community Garden.

Good luck with that! Andy put so much work into getting it closed off, there is no way that's being opened up while he still lives there.

But there's another tunnel, isn't there? So no need. Or am I missing something?

There is supposed to be a tunnel from the St Anne's hospital site going south (it's visible on an old map).

The new hospital building & road layout looks to be almost complete, so I wonder if we will see more re the housing development sometime soon.

I have responded to this consultation (ie at https://haringeystreetspaces.commonplace.is/) which, by the way, is not only about cycling.  The map already has a huge number of responses in respect of locations all over the borough including at least 60 marked on Wightman Road alone.  I have read all of them and most are related to cycling.  Rather than simply add my "like" to all of the ones I agree with (which is most of them), I have added one point of my own proposing that the Council should rescind the classification of Wightman Road/Alroy Road as the B138.  See:


This has the advantage of costing next to nothing but would be hugely symbolic.  If you agree with this, let's see hundreds of likes.



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