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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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I think we share the same delivery office

I've had 3 bulk deliveries of cards (all up to 2weeks for first class post) but no parcels, I'm missing 4. One of which was just a not very bulky jiffy bag of family cards from my mum posted first class at the start of December. Ladder roads, not been able to catch my regular postie to find out what's going on as they usually tell me about the issues at the delivery centre.

I'm waiting for my next batch of mail, didn't have any for some days yet again. 

After some missed days, I received two large bundles of regular mail in separate deliveries last Sunday and a further overdue bundle on Tuesday.  All recently posted items now seem to be arriving - except for copies of the Economist.

Just to show how things are meant to work (and to give credit where it is due) I realised on Tuesday 22nd that I had forgotten to order something.  I consulted Amazon.  They had the stuff but said it wouldn't arrive till after 25th.  I went to the supplier's web-site.  It offered a choice of Royal Mail free or Royal Mail pay extra neither of which promised to deliver before 25th.  I chose the latter. The order was acknowledged at 3.18pm.  At 8.23pm that same evening I received a message from Royal Mail saying they had received the package.  On Wednesday at 7.02am I received a message from Royal Mail saying it would be delivered between 10.09am and 2.09pm that day but with a footnote saying that, in the run up to Christmas, they were delivering as late as 9pm and apologising for any inconvenience. At 17.52 they confirmed that it had been delivered (which was true).

The full tracking record shows:

Tuesday 22

  • 07:54pm  Sender despatching item,
  • 08:21pm  Item Received Romford MC

Wednesday 23

  • 04:28am  Item Received London Central MC
  • 06:56am  Due to be delivered today by Hornsey DO
  • 05:51pm  Delivered by Winchmore Hill DO

Naturally, I have no complaints about this which suggest that Royal Mail have caught up with some of their newer competitors as regards techniques.  The involvement of Winchmore Hill DO (ie the N21 Delivery Office) is a bit of a mystery but it suggests some tactical use of network resources.  Whether any of this is due to the intervention of our MP I cannot say but full marks for trying.

I suspect the fact the item only came from Romford might have been of some assistance to your cause, but all the same, that is indeed how it *should* work.

I've been receiving my mail in bundles too - I'm not so fussed as I never have anything THAT important, but can see how some who rely on it are feeling a bit miffed!

I think your positive experience is entirely down to paying extra for tracking - I've had 24/48-hour items arrive similarly, but anything sent by 'regular' post seems to never arrive. No post in a week, and well over a dozen items missing, some of which I fear (based on past experience with dreadful North London Delivery office) will never arrive. 

I’m in the process to going through a huge number of tests and procedures at the Homerton and St Barts Hospitals.  I’ve taken to ringing their appointment office every week to check if they have booked times for me.  On a number of occasions they have and the appointment letters haven’t arrived or arrived after the appointment despite the letters being dated and sent well in advance

That's so unacceptable - it would be good if Royal Mail could at least acknowledge they are operating essentially no service at all in some areas and advise NHS Trusts to use other options (SMS, email or courier). 

It’s not a practical solution.  While they may able to hit the hospitals most frequently used by people locally (so hospitals based in the City, Hackney, Camden, Islington and Haringey) that leaves subcontractor services - dermatology and podiatry for instance.  Then there are specialist centres like those in Queens Square, Great Ormond Street, Stanmore and ones even further afield.  Essentially it pushes the responsibility for sorting out a bad service from the provider to the user.

What Royal Mail need to do is put resources, whatever they may be, into the North London DO and sort this shit storm out.

Oh absolutely, but if that were going to happen it would be done by now. As a private company they seem to currently have no inclination to improve this, and blame covid (despite other adjacent areas managing so much better). 

I posted a small book off to Coventry on Tues and it arrived on Thurs. Yet things my family has posted from Cov including postcards still not here, 2 or 3 weeks. They may arrive by next Xmas. So clearly outgoing much better than incoming, the problem is here. 

Yes, outgoing is fine - the only issue is with North London Delivery Office, which only deals with inbound mail to N8 - and presumably (too many) other postcodes. 



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