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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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Yes, we are still missing lots of parcels and letters. Today I had delivered 2 letters, one was for Fairfax road in Teddington, south London! and one I sent 1st class signed for on Friday and it came back to me today! It is such a mess! 

Wow they’ve excelled themselves there! 

The Ladder roads generally are very late with delivery of post and someone sent a complaint to D Lammy MP about it

I was coming on here today to ask if there were delays again. I don't think we've had any post since sometime last week (ladder roads too). I know know there are items sent first class last week that still aren't here. There are some delays at Christmas and this year the service seems to be struggling more than ever. Maybe they'll all arrive if we get a delivery this week. Maybe. 


The last page of this thread covers letters sent to David Lammy and a response From Catherine West about the delays during the first lock down. Letters (except maybe email is better as I'm not sure letters will get there) sent to both asking them to follow up might help. I'll try to get something sent later today.

I had a book posted 1st class that arrived 10 days late. My regular postman said that parcels sent 24 or 48 hours had been prioritised and mine was among a pile that had been held back. Letters were being delivered by temporary staff.

My mail comes via Station Road. Letters and packets seem to arrive on time

Normally they have extra staff on over Christmas

Seen plenty of Post Office Vans in my area. And post Staff with trolley's, coming and going past

This seems to tie in with what I’ve experienced. Anything sent by John Lewis or big retailers seem to come through fine. But anything sent elsewhere seem to be the problem. Guessing they haven’t chosen the 24 or 48 hour option That being said just got my Christmas card from my mum posted 1st class 2 weeks ago so at least it’s starting to drip through 

Fine if you are the sender but not much help if you’re the receiver.  I know there are hospital appointment letters for me siting somewhere in the north London sorting office.

I asked Royal Mail Help on Twitter what was happening and got a “We’re doing our best” response.  I’ve written to David Lammy to see if he’s heard about any plans to get this mess sorted out.  I’ll post here as soon as a I get a reply 

This is our eighth day without any post at all - not even a bill!

Response received from David Lammy’s office

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for your email. It’s safe to say that you aren’t the first constituent to get in touch about Royal Mail’s poor service. 

David met with Royal Mail’s local service delivery lead last Tuesday, and has since received the attached letter which explains the reasons for the backlog, and outlines what they have done to help resolve the issue. 

In short, they explain that there has been a substantial increase in volume of mail, and an increase in staff absences due to many staff self-isolating. Their sorting offices have also had to implement measures to try to reduce the spread coronavirus. This, combined with issues further up the supply chain, has created a very difficult situation in which there are significant delays and intermittent deliveries. Royal Mail say that they have hired 10 additional staff at the North London Delivery Centre and have obtained additional vehicles to allow them to complete more single-person delivery rounds. They say that the service is recovering and that everyone in the area should be receiving deliveries once every two days, at worst.   

However, we understand that improvement isn’t the experience of many constituents, and following recent updates such as yours, David has written again to Royal Mail to ask for a further update about the timescale for improvement, and to urge them to do more. We will let you know when he hears back from them. 

Clearly the situation is far from ideal, and we understand that many constituents are still experiencing considerable delays. We’ve been advised that the best thing for individuals to do is to make complaints about specific cases directly to Royal Mail, and then to the Independent Postal Redress Scheme. You can read more about how to do this here: 

Best wishes, 

Office of Rt Hon. David Lammy MP
Member of Parliament for Tottenham


Thanks for this Michael and good to see Lammy acting on your letter. I’ve logged a complainer my with the Royal Mail. Looks like it’s a case of cross your fingers and hope for the best 

Thank you so much Michael for prodding the system and getting a response, half of this household is distraught over the lack of deliveries.

Postmen, like doctors, go from house to house. Philip Larkin



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