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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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Wow, we are not alone in this yet...  My daughter is waiting for about 5 parcels via Royal Mail which was ordered on like 7th of Dec for Christmas presents.  I am upset that there is no news as to when we are receiving them or if we are receiving them.  We see no letters either for sometimes since Christmas...  :(

Two of them arrived today.  Not in the order of the dispatched dates though.

I got a great pile of post the other day, including several letters for the same house number- on the next road! 
I like my postie- she's very cheery. I'm not sure what's going on but the main worry for me is parcels. 
I'm waiting for a parcel sent 48 hr Royal mail small parcel tracked - dispatched on 14th December. And, an Ebay purchase for my son's birthday ordered i think around the 10th December. I'm nervously also waiting for something from Traid (the charity shop who have an online shop on Depop & Ebay) which i ordered just before christmas, again for my son. I did try to find out if i could collect it from the shop but the item was in stock in brixton and by the time i found that out we were in 'stay home' mode again. Even for teens its pretty tough when most of your presents don't appear and you've no idea when they will! 

Spoken to my lovely Posite. They are still desperately trying to catch up. Post is still stacked up waiting to be sorted, some of it at the back can't even be accessed as so much is stacked in front of it. I had letter post last Sunday (a pile of Christmas cards - yay!) and again today, but packets and parcels are probably going to be longer to filter through. As others have said, those out delivering are doing everything they can to get the post to us, but the bottle neck is where is was in the spring, back at the delivery centre.

Yesterday 12 January 2021,  the Independent published an updated list from the Royal Mail showing 28 UK places where staff shortages from Covid-19 have caused the worst backlogs and delays in deliveries. Many staff members have either contracted the virus or are otherwise self-isolating because of contact with others who have it.  

London N8 is one of those affected. Plainly Haringey should have paid attention to this information when deciding that residents should use registered mail to get expired 2020 Visitor Parking Permits exchanged.


This is helpful indeed.  My mother in law is worried about her parcel not arriving for my daughter's Christmas present.  

I also had a chat with the most recent postie I managed to grab a hold of which was a few days ago and she said they have the backlog but they are too busy dealing with on-going guaranteed deliveries as they have £35 (or so) penalty charges for not delivering them on time.  This exacerbates the current situation of not being able to get to the backlog as fast as they want.  

This is a useful article, but it is unclear why it has Hornsey (N8) on the list for disruption, but not N4, which as I understand also comes from the Hornsey delivery office.

Does the Hornsey office deliver to N4, and if so do they have a special fast-track system for N4 post which means it is not delayed like N8 post, or is it just that N4 isn't worth mentioning on the list of disrupted postcodes?

It think it’s because the bulk of the postcodes covered are in N8.  There are just a handful of streets in N4 (Warham down to Endymion) it takes in.  I think the N4 bit around Hermitage Road might come under a different office too but might be wrong.

Most of N4 comes under a different office entirely, so if they listed N4 the good folk of Finsbury Park, Stroud Green and Holloway would get in a flap

The post in the Gardens (also N4) continues to be very unreliable & slow....

Posted on another active thread on HOL.

I posted two self addressed envelopes yesterday at 3 pm one first class the other second class, the first class one arrived back in Harringay this morning, perhaps a reflection that they are getting through the backlog at least for local letters.

Wouldn't you think the post is bunged up enough without sending letters to yourself? 

Ah well, the P.O. probably needs the money! ;)



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