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I hope all you who have the vote in Harringay will remember tonight ( and certainly other nights to come ) and at the next election vote out the incompetent shower responsible for the introduction of the LTN.

My weekly 5-minute journey from Wightman Road to Green Lanes took 45 minutes, including  30 minutes to go the length of Hampden Road. Yes, I know that there was a burst water main. But in happier times traffic would have been distributed across the roads now blocked off and not confined to Green Lanes. Yes, I know that I could have taken a bus to sit in the same traffic jam as I did this evening but in any case there aren't any buses between my house and the bottom of Effingham Road. 

I understand the concerns of those residents living in the LTN who hope that the pollution in their streets will be reduced but don't the residents of Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane and Wightman Road breathe ? don't their children have lungs ?. Where did the Council think the LTN traffic would go ? 

And please don't suggest to this disabled person that I could have cycled.  I couldn't.

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FPR, that rumour, and others like it, have been doing the rounds since before this site began, with ne’er a shred of evidence to support them. I’ve no idea why people seem to thrill at repeating them. The closest reality comes to them is the Kurdish Workers Party collecting funds from traders.

Well some people have been linked to Green Lanes and the drug trade own the past which is probably where the rumours started https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2006/may/16/drugsandalcohol.drugstrade 

Kurdish Workers Party better known as the PKK. It is a proscribed terrorist organisation and illegal in the UK, US and other countries. However, you'll see PKK flags and paraphernalia stuck on poles around Green Lanes and proudly displayed during the periodic marches through our streets. Incidentally those marches stall traffic and cause congestion across North London. Perhaps they could be relocated to a park somewhere as part of Haringey Council's joined up strategy to reduce congestion and pollution.

A few weeks ago a house three doors down from me was raided by the Police.  It was a drugs factory.  I can assure readers that drug making is not the industry of choice on Warham Road

Yes, Livi, rumours.

I'm well aware of the historic heroin connection to Harringay.I wrote up the story of this earlier in the year, on the 20 year anniversary of the well-known events.

I can't say what happened in the last century, but as far as I've been able to find out (and I have done more than ask the occasional casual question), all the stories of protection rackets and money-laundering in this century are just tittle-tattle. 

Your links which are either over 10 years old or relate to other areas, do nothing to dispel the idea that the stories you are seeking to sustain, for whatever reason, are based on nothing more than gossip. 

Noone has to give up their car. Plenty of people will say they should but noone has to.

Many Dutch own & drive cars but they are also cylclists. It is habits that must change. Individual car ownership us also very expensive…

Thanks for your reply Rory.
I wasn't agreeing or disagreeing with you, by the way.  I thought you were contributing to and trying to open-up the discussion by offering your personal take. 
As I understand it, it's like one of the many varieties of the ancient Blind-men-and-the- elephant parable. Versions where, people eventually find ways to share their different personal positions and observations in order to get closer to a mutually agreed and accurate positive judgement.
I take a similar approach to your comment, Tina S.
Yes, our Council should - no must - pay attention to traders.

In the elephant parable all are partly right.

This variation may illustrate one possible perverse outcome if traders are not properly involved:
Six blind elephants were discussing what men were like. After arguing they decided to find one and determine what it was like by direct experience. The first blind elephant felt the man and declared, 'Men are flat.' After the other blind elephants felt the man, they agreed.

have you looked at Myddleton Rd? Their sales have massively gone down with decreased car access. And the local traders on Philip Lane are down on sales massively, too. Speak to staff in places like Expa or the Vape shop or Neighbours fish and chips a bit further into the BG LTN. They'll tell you their REAL experience. We have a shop on a boundary road in another borough and I can tell you, it's brought no benefits to trade whatsoever. Rather the opposite!

I'm pretty sure that Green Lanes isn't wide enough for 4 lanes of traffic, I can't remember where I sat that but definitely mentioned somewhere. I assume traffic lanes must be wider than parking spaces and that's why.

In the morning they got as far south as possible on Wightman or through the Gardens before having to hit Green Lanes and then the reverse in the evenings.  It was daft really as they just gained a few metres in the same queue and the fact that they poured out of the side roads caused much of the jam they were trying to avoid in the first place!



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