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This is a link to a story in yesterday's Standard, about the proposed re-development on the East side of Wood Green High Street, from 22-42.


The illustration (which I assume is a computer-generated "artist's impression") shows four-storey blocks; one of four sections (nearer to Whymark Avenue) and another of seven sections, between the four-section bit and number 42. The design is bland and featureless, almost beyond belief. It looks like a load of square boxes placed atop each other. One really would think they could do a lot better than this. The only merit of the design is that these blocks replace an incoherent group of buildings of zero architectural merit.

It seems to have support from the Council, who have sold the developers some land. 40% of the flats will be "affordable", but there is no mention of anything for "social rent". This means that most local residents would not be able to afford to live there, even at the laughably-named "affordable" prices. 

With this design, it will not make the High Road look any better; but then, it won't make it notably worse either. It is to be hoped that the final design is better, as this will be quite a dominating presence on the High Road, especially the area at the Turnpike Lane Station end.

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I think they are a bit high right up to the road but apart from that they look OK. Haringey approve anything so we are lucky it's not worse

Jezza - Thanks for the link to the previous thread, which I had missed previously. Comparing the illustration in the 2019 thread with the more recent one from the Standard, it looks as if the length of the development has been increased. It is good to see from the 2019 thread that there will, in fact, be homes for social rent. That is what the area is desperately in need of; otherwise, there would be nothing for local people.

It could be a lot worse - I don't really mind, compared to what's there now. And if it regenerates some of the tatty shops up that end of Wood Green then that would be a bonus.

W&S ...

Oliver Donas....

This passed me by too  - it's really high for the High Road - 8 storeys!!!  I guess this will set the precedent for redevelopment along the road and the loss of some historic (lower scale) townscape. Maybe they referenced Wood Green Shopping Centre and the plan is go 8 storeys right across the High Road (havent read the Area Action Plan if there is one).  I know it's an improvement on what's there but I think 4-5 (5th set back) would have been more appropriate.  Its a suburban shopping centre, not central London.    

Sigh. More ugliness for Wood Green.

Have just seen the Computer Generated Development on Wood Green high street. I see a sign reading W&S did they get that wrong also, is it meant to read M&S .????????

Would be nice if it actually brought Mmm&S back to the high street...

I love whenthey use the terms"....will support the delivery of our regeneration objectives." And also include the images of M&S Oliver Bonas, etc...

Quite a lot of people and this includes the sometines desperate council, fall for the spiel and the images and are prepared to accept just about anything that seems to offer better than the "incoherent group of buildings of zero architectural merit" that you mention.

There is often a lack of imaginative and forward thinking design and we go from the bad to the a little less than bad so better for the place.



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