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Whilst the proposed changes don't directly affect Harringay, they do skirt the area and It;s worth considering what how/if these route changes may affect potential low traffic schemes.

Full story on TfL website, where you can also register to 'have your say'.

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Do you mean this junction Harry?  I’ve seen pretty long vehicles turning into Hornsey Park Road from Turnpike Lane while I’ve been waiting to cross, especially ones involved in the construction of the new housing up on Mary Neuner,

Agreed. I regularly cycle that route and introducing buses would be a big mistake. There isn't the physical space needed for them to navigate the narrow turns where Neuner Rd meets Hornsey Park Rd. As it is, the section already gets congested with cars not respecting the box junction which blocks traffic in all three directions.

It would be better to have the buses use Hornsey Park Road. The people living in the expanding high density apartments on Neuner Rd could walk through the small park connecting it to Hornsey Park Rd (50m at most) and catch the bus from there.

This is the problematic section. Monday morning and before peak hour. Unless on-steeet parkimg is removed there just isn't enough space for busses.

Yes, and the right-angle turn you've just negotiated to arrive at that point is a big swing-out for a 11.23 metre /36 ft long bus too.

"It would be better to have the buses use Hornsey Park Road." This entirely residential street is already plagued with through traffic, so no, thanks. And TFL has agreed with Hornsey Park Residents to stop their bus drivers from using Hornsey Park Road (HPR) to take empty double decker buses to their garage as it's often difficult for the buses to navigate the corners. And, as Don's pic shows, the turning into Mary Neuner Road has a section of the pavement converted into usable road to allow large vehicles such as lorries and buses to navigate the bend. Large lorries have had no problems serving the new development along Mary Neuner Road as the Developers agreed not to use HPR to access their site.

Streetview of the next junction (Hornsey Park/Clarendon, which becomes Mary Neuner) shows that the corner pavement has previously bern extended, perhaps to slow left-turn traffic, so presumably it could be cut back to the original algnment for bus  navigation; though the tree looks vulnerable…

The real problem though is where Western Road (the continuation of Mary Neuner) emerges at the first of two roundabouts to meet the traffic coming up Hornsey Park Road and then attempting to go to the next roundabout where the traffic from Ally Pally comes down to get into Station Road.  Three bus routes added to the routes that already use these roads is madness unless they knock it all down and build a sort of spaghetti junction.  The other day my W3 from Ally Pally took 45 minutes to reach Station Road!  What will it be like adding three more routes?

Looking at the map I suppose they could build a flyover over Barrett Gardens or just build a road straight through it...

Paul, probably the real reason for that delay is that Hornsey Park Road has been closed to through traffic (opening again tomorrow I think) and the through traffic has been diverted through Mary Neuner Road. The through traffic seemed to cope ok, as do the large lorries that serve the recycling centre on Western Road.

Wishful thinking - the problem is the junction with Station Road where, especially at night idiots fail to use the roundabout properly and cause absolute chaos...

E, good point, but the large recycling lorries are roughly only 2/3 the length (at most) of the Borisbuses that operate the 91 route.

(Yes, 'New Bus for London', I know!).

Worth noting also is that, if the 91 is extended to wood green, Haringey are looking to replace the roundabout at Tottenham Lane and Ferme Park Road in crouch end with traffic lights. The 91 uses the roundabout to turn around currently. 

It is a shame as the roundabout seems to help traffic flow, but it is genuinely scary to try to cross Ferme Park Road at the roundabout.

I have to say, if drivers yielded to pedestrians crossing as is required by new highway code rules, this roundabout would not be the nightmare that it is to cross.

This is why we cannot have nice things.




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