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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Peray Ahmet talks about hate mail received following the recent street renaming

Guardian article here: 


From the article:

'Peray Ahmet, the leader of Haringey council, has said her inbox has been filled with messages from people objecting to the name change, much of it incredibly abusive. She said the council took steps to involve residents during discussions, including inviting them to consultations and to vote. “There was door-knocking, there were letter drops, there were a lot of attempts to engage with residents who live on the road. We did a lot of outreach on this.'

Link to her tweet about the abuse here:


Who was it? 

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A couple of the millions of keyboard   'warriors',  sigh.

I read through all of those comments on Twitter. I saw the two unacceptable ones which Peray mentions but the majority were reasoned critiques of what she has done and why by people of different political affiliations and ethnicities. She shouldn't be subject to threats and I assume she had referred those two particular tweets to the police but to characterize the remainder as abuse from the far right appears to be a calculated spinning of facts to engender sympathy. The summary of the so called abuse is that she and the council should be focused on helping the people of Haringey and not pursuing ideologically virtue signal projects that nobody, including normal Black residents who live outside the marxist bubble, do not want or need. 

I think 'ordinary' may have been a better choice of word, but hair-splitting is easier than addressing the actual issue.

Thank you Xavier.

The issue is people - including 'normal black people' - thinking they have to fight over limited resources.

In a 'normal' society funds should be available for the name change AND the other needs.

Capitalism works by using 'Divide and Conquer' to pit your needs against mine when in fact we are one and have the same needs. Recognising this isnt Marxism it's common sense.  

I agree the word normal is probably not the right word to use. However Black residents of BBL were equally against the name change. Check the forum on this group to see how many objected to this name change and the fact that the name has not been proved to be linked to any form of slavery or racism. Do not start another racism debate about BBL as it is unfair, untrue and residents including those of the Black and other ethnic groups are fed up of Haringey spending unnecessary money when what they need is help to eat and heat their homes. Peray claims 100000 was spent on this. How many poor people including children could have been given extra support with this money rather than an unwanted name change. 

Is your issue with the name change one of cost or heritage? 

What are “normal black residents”?

Cem, you wrote "I read all of those comments...".

What about the inbox messages that she actually spoke about that in the article, & which were referred to in the post & the headline of the post you've commented on? Tweets or comments were not being referred to in that article, Cem, but you have raised them without addressing the hate mail/inbox abuse that Ms Ahmet has declared that she has received.

Do you have further information other than that in the article quoted above? If so, perhaps you could share it, otherwise please be careful & accurate, as comments here can be influential but may be based on a misunderstanding or misconception.

I'm almost afraid to ask what you mean by 'normal Black'. I think I'll pass actually!

Normal as in regular who don't live in the marxist bubble. 

OK then, are there any defining characteristics of such people? Or of this bubble? Where is it? 



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