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Unless I'm mistaken and there was a thread that has been posted about the loss of our Queen?

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But HoL contributers don't have the power to see and change proposed laws before the elected parliament has had sight of them.

Happy to answer this question for you Doodle. Yes you were mistaken. There have been two posts about how to pay your respects in Harringay both at St Paul’s Harringay, one of which you answered. You were of course free to begin a post about the queen yourself at any point in the last 11 days.

A couple of pictures related to the Queen’s connections to Harringay both at the Jubilee and on the occasion of her death were shared via the ketchup.. There are a number of charming pictures of coronation parties in the streets in the photo albums and one of the Queen herself when she visited the Arena for the horse of the year show. Search Queen in the photos section if you’d like to view them.

I stand corrected. Many thanks for your response, I will view the photos. Regards. 

If I had been looking to talk about reliable plumbers with my fellow Ladder-and-Gardens dwellers and logged on to HOL only to find posts discussing reliable plumbers to be thin on the ground, my first instinct would probably have been to compose one myself. How terribly gauche.

It would never have occured to me to open with a passive-aggressive lament about no one already having done so, that too without actually bothering to check first.

Something distinctly British about this approach, which does fill my heart with pride!

Plus now there is this thread about the Queen on HOL which will forever be preserved on the Internet in all its glory. A marvellous send off. Well played.

(NB: I had to pledge allegiance to the Queen when I chose to become British. May I preemptively kindly request that no attempts to out-British me be made by those relying on a mere accident of birth for having obtained their Britishness. Insufficient respect for my sacrifices will be swiftly admonished.)

Except for Liz's and Maddy's posts, none of this is..   about the Queen.      Well trolled, Doodle.

Agreed. It's been great. Like the Christmas Evening family row - necessary to let off a bit of steam after a tense day. Now we can all shake hands and promise to speak more often in the New Year.

Arguably, distraction and misdirection go to the very heart of the Queen's and monarchy's role.

I’m afraid I don’t understand. If you wished for there to be a thread about the death of the Queen wouldn’t it have been easier to post one rather than posting about there not being one?

Mr Doodle, you were quite unfair to Pete at St Paul's who promised to knell his bell 70 times over 70 minutes when the Queen died. Maybe, like myself, you are quite deaf and failed to appreciate Pete's efforts. 

For myself, I have missed HOL's reporting of several stray corgis over the past fortnight. Were there any? Have they all been found safe and well? Who will look after them?

Who will look after them, OAE?   Prince Andrew, that's who - he's at a loose end these days, I gather.

Apparently he's very good at grooming.

"only by pride cometh contention" We also see that by the words or actions of a very few, a person will judge and condemn an entire group of persons based on limited understanding. Such lack of balanced fair judgement coupled with personal bias is a serious source of many problems in society, and governments.



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