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Last October I raised the issue that possible street closures in surrounding areas would displace traffic our way. 

One of the areas was Crouch End.

A consultation for those living/working in the area is in progress and one of the options being consulted on is the closure to through traffic (except for buses, emergency vehicles and cyclists) of one or more major roads, such as The Broadway.

A traffic survey for the Crouch End project suggests such a change might mean 2000 more vehicles a day in both directions for Wightman.

Harringay residents can make their views known via the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire go to:


After the initial section you can opt to only complete the one on traffic. The deadline is 2 February.

Postscript navigation note: (For oversized lorry stuck on Warham, see P14, here.)

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While you're right, I think that's the wrong problem to solve Michael.  There's too much traffic in total and choosing where to put it will always make someone's life worse.  What we need to do is reduce the overall amount of traffic.  We used to think it couldn't be done but multiple schemes in multiple cities in multiple countries have proven that you can drive a shift in journeys away from motor vehicles.  I think this is what's missing from all of the council's plans.  If Waltham Forest can do it... why not Haringey?

Wightman Road should have a plan too - it is totally unsuitable for the amount of traffic it carries. However simply saying no scheme should ever happen because somewhere else there is an impact means we remain in thrall to the car and everyone suffers. Other schemes the world over result in modal shift not just displacement - unless this particular section of N London is particularly bloody minded then it will happen here too. People need to get out of their cars. 

Yes, fine. So let’s see a plan designed to offer modal shift rather than one just focussing on displacement. 

Matt and Elizabeth - entirely agree.  The solution is to shift modes of transport.  If that’s what was being proposed I would be right behind it - but it’s not.  It’s moving traffic from one place (with four lanes in some parts, traffic management in the form of traffic lights, frequent crossings and so on, and low levels of residential occupancy) to a street no wider that most of us live on, over 95% residential occupancy and scant regard for pedestrian safety.  It’s simply giving the problem to somewhere that doesn’t not have the means to support it rather than dealing with the actual issues.

if you look at a map, the Ladder would be surrounded on all sides areas with schemes to prevent traffic going through them, leaving it with only the Wightman Road option

Or, of course, Ferme Park Road, a major road and bus route where no measurement has been taken whatsoever which is bad news for Nelson and Inderwick Roads which run parallel to Ferme Park and are often used as a rat run if there is traffic building up on Ferme Park Road.  This whole scheme seems, as we find out more and more, to be very poorly thought and designed solely to cream off £4.5million from TfL.  As the mayor has frozen TfL fares guess who ends up paying for these schemes?

I see,

These schemes are amazing when done properly. Perhaps that’s the problem here.

I would say if traffic is diverting onto Wightman that’s a reason for extending the scheme rather than stopping it outright.

Engagement on this scheme has been, true to Haringey form, utterly abysmal, and the trial was both unlucky and mismanaged.

Furthermore what’s been done recently on Wightman is one of the great traffic management turkeys. A poor compromise that benefits nobody whilst managing to make walking and cycling more dangerous.

Would you advocate filtering on Wightman? 60something percent of residents were in favour when consulted...


I  wanted Wightman Rd to be filtered in the earlier consultation, and the idea kicked off a huge debate on HoL from aggrieved traders, to church goers on a Sunday.

I do not want to have to go through that again.

I agree with you about the potential results if done properly. This doesn't even take into account increased traffic from the Heartlands development when completed.

As you say, LBH are culpable in all of this.As usual, they hope we don't notice what they are up to.

Where are the other 2 ward councillors when needed?

They needed our votes, well now it's payback time!

I have just done the survey making clear my views about displacement. I think the survey is a blunt and not very helpful tool- seeking answers which support certain outcomes. The maps posted here show clearly what will happen. I am no traffic expert but it is evident that if the Broadway is closed then traffic will displace to Wightman Road and Turnpike Lane. This is unacceptable and I am challenging this. Alongside the traffic issue itself and the fact that Wightman is a B road, there are significant equality implications here about who benefits. 

Harringay ward councillors have not been consulted.  Gina and I are both asking for a meeting with Kirsten Hearn and her officers about this. Having read the TFL guidance, Harringay ward councillors should have been invited to the Liveable Neighbourhoods Board meetings or whatever governance structure is in place. There may have been no need in earlier consultation, but there clearly is now. I aim to go to the Haringey Transport Forum on Wednesday 5 Feb. 

Completing the survey to make the points about displacement to Wightman Road is important, so local views are known. Don't hesitate to contact councillors either. That is local democracy. The more people make their views known, the better.


Zena Brabazon

Deputy Leader, Haringey Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Cllr, Harringay ward

I'd *like* this Zena - if there was a button! 

To update everyone, Kirsten Hearn has replied to us and we should be meeting her and the officers very shortly. That should be interesting.  I will report back.


Zena Brabazon

Deputy Leader, Haringey Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Cllr, Harringay ward

How can Kirsten Hearn not be aware of the traffic problems on the ladder and how obviously bad for it her plans in Crouch End will be?

Have you met and spoken to Kirsten Hearn?

I misposted my reply to your comment on Waze. Did you spot it?
I think this changes so much and shows the need for a rapid change in fundamental thinking about so many "flows".

Have you explored the implications yourself?



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