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Has anyone else noticed the appalling work done by the contractors at the Duckett's end of Hampden Road? They've removed the dropped curbs and replaced them with (dangerous if you're blind or disabled) high curbs. Maybe then realising their error, they've subsequently bodged a repair by piling up a ramp of ugly tarmac at each side. That's our tax dollars well spent, eh?

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Cllr Zena Brabazon copied in.

I don’t think they are done yet...I expect the whole intersection will be built up with tarmac so the pedestrian crossing is level to the sidewalk. Of course, anything is possible! This is just temporary to help with interim access.

Yes, it was like this in Crouch End recently until they resurfaced the road at a higher level.  I'd hold your horses for a while...

They cannot completely it all all in a day! They have made this slope so that you can still use a pram/buggy to cross the road. They have actually done us a favor! or we would be cursing them for leaving a big kerb for prams to be wedged onto.

This is only a temp thing. 


I think the bigger consideration would be wheelchair use rather than pram/buggy. As I recall lifting even a coach built pram over a raised curb was fairly straightforward but taking a person out in a wheelchair around Turnpike Lane is fraught with hazards. 

I forwarded a link for this pst to Councillor Brabazon. She got in touch with the responsible officers and this is their reply today:

The ramps identified are indeed a temporary measure, prior to installation of the raised junction.

The carriageway surfacing is programmed to be done on Wednesday/Thursday this week. Following this we will visit site to inspect the completed works. Any snagging items should be completed within the following month.

I note the pavement build-out itself is actually block-paved rather than tarmacked. They seem to be using tarmac for the new buildouts on Wightman Road. I wonder what drives these decisions?

I will go and check the progress in Hampden Road today and report!!  According to the reply I received which Hugh has posted above,  the works should have been completed by now. 


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Did you ever get a chance to follow-up on this, Zena? 

It's all done, to a pretty good standard, as far as I can see.

Now can we discuss the "traffic calming" measures on Wightman which have, for instance, made turning right out of Raleigh Road just incredibly dangerous. With a van parked there today in the newly created parking bay it's a completely blind junction. You have to essentially edge out and hope for the best, as you have no sight whatsoever of traffic approaching from the right. There are surely going to be loads of accidents, going forwards. Honestly, I can see no logic whatsoever to the council's actions along this road. 

Rory, i had an experience akin to yours turning out of Umfreville today, I did wonder if the plan should, as a matter of course, have sought to maximise sight  lines by positioning parking on Wightman on the western side of the road, where traffic will be turning on to Wightman from rung roads. 

Umfreville still isn't as blind as Seymour, but the new set-up definitely makes for more of a tricky manoeuvre. 

It's another one of a seemingly limitless procession of bafflling council decisions.

I agree 100% that Wightman traffic needs to be calmed, but how does making it frankly dangerous to turn right onto the road help matters? And it's not a fender bender that worries me, it's cyclists who are going to be turned in on by cars with no sight of them until it's too late.

Did whoever planned this realise this would be a result of their measures? If so, what on Earth is going on, and if not, can something be done about this? Creating accident blackspots doesn't feel like sensible policy.

It's the ongoing problem of the council's making by closing all the through roads across this part of the borough other than Green Lanes, Wightman and the Ladder. And small measures (creating pinch points on Wightman, inexplicably pushing parking into Ladder roads which can't accomodate them) are treating the symptoms, not the cause. 



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