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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

They've even got the right spelling for our area!

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Exciting - NOT

helpful adult comment - NOT

Enough supermarkets within walking distance. It should be a pub or entertainment venue again. Definitely a helpful comment.

Useful - YES - compared to the previous offerings there.

A corner shop aficionado you may be (me too sometimes), but some navigate by supermarket chains. There's a tiddley Asda in Crouch End's petrol station, otherwise the next nearest to the Ladder/Gardens is Bruce Grove.

And, thank you Hugh.

I think it's a welcome addition! I am curious though about how they've going to accommodate stock deliveries – will lorries park in the front or will they'll block the section of Frobisher running up to the Green Lanes junction, which is already chaotic?

There used to be a bus stop in front of the pub with an extra lane for the bus to pull in. That got incorporated into the land in front of the pub, either officially or unofficially. Most recently it was used as car parking by the Turkish furniture shop. If they wanted to, Asda could easily use this as a spot for lorries to pull in to make deliveries.

A waitrose or m&s would have been better... Plenty of supermarkets in the area already and asda is no wow

Hey Hugh, I thought "Harringay" was the area around the station next to McDonalds. Where does the area "Harringay" start and stop? As far as I'm aware, the area "Harringay" is in the London borough of "Haringey". I could be wrong, as I've only lived here for 65 years! 

Here’s my take on the matter. This was something I put together taking into account people’s views over Harringay’s history from about 1890 till ten or 16 years ago. To get things bang, up-to-date back in 2012 I did a street survey to find out what people today thought. See another link to results of that in the penultimate paragraph of the linked page

Think you've opened up a whole can of worms there Kevin !  I was born in HARRINGAY Road, off St Anns/Green Lanes/Salisbury junction.  Harringay to us ran the length of Green Lanes from the Arena down to about The Queens. From memory I think we included the 'Ladder' roads up to the river or passage boundary as Harringay.  Can't think where we drew the line in West Green Road direction or how far down St Anns Road we classed as Harringay........but maybe only down to Black Boy Lane...??   Of course this is not official

Hi John, when you say Queen's, do you mean the Queen's Head (previously Dog Tas or Dog Tags!). Is there a map showing where Harringay starts and stops? As with most places that are an "area" within an "area", there is no definite boundary. 

There is no official map, Kevin. Neighbourhoods don’t have official boundaries. The sense of place is defined by the people who live in them and those who visit them. I’ve already provided you with the best map you’re going to get of Harringay. It was developed woth extensive consultation of historical documents of Harringay and by conversations, both formal and informal with residence over the past 20 years. Is that not good enough for you?



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