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This was the scene at the height of the morning rush hour in Wednesday 22 June as yet another long vehicle attempted to take a short cut from Salisbury Road and up Warham Road to deliver to Jewsons.  For almost an hour locals tried to help the driver extricate himself from the junction and in the process his vehicle managed to damage at least one car.  

Traffic was at a standstill and the queue that formed from the top of Warham to Green Lanes eventually had to reverse out followed by the the long vehicle, which was guided in reverse back to Green Lanes by a police officer.

A one off?  Well, this was what happened at precisely the same spot on 7 June.

To my knowledge it has happened at least two times before.  Warham Road residents have been in contact with ward councillors asking them to seek an urgent meeting with senior highways officers in Haringey to press them to make changes to stop our street being used as a rat run for heavy goods vehicles.

2019 example posted here.

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Hopefully local councillers will see this post

I’ve written to them, as have it seems quite a number of others on Warham Road.  I also posted using the Haringey hashtag on Twitter so let’s hope so Mavic!

Splendid and effective photo Michael.

All the credit is due to my lovely neighbours Deborah, Donna, Esther and Alastair who were on the scene.

I wrote to Highways today. My email is below.

For the fourth time in recent years, and the second time this month (there was a similar incident on 7 June) a huge long vehicle got stuck at the junction of Warham Road and Wightman Road, causing obstruction and traffic problems. As the resident who contacted us yesterday observed, there have been no substantial steps taken by Highways to stop this from happening. The incident yesterday mean the police had to manage the traffic and guide this huge vehicle as it reversed down Warham Road.

This situation is surely avoidable. The Green Lanes Traffic Study proposed reversing Warham – that hasn’t happened.

There is a sign inviting HGVs not to enter Warham, but it is not illegal for them to do so. Since Warham is the main through road to Wightman it is inevitable that HGVs,  and entirely inappropriate long vehicles will use it to reach Jewsons or wherever they are going.

Like most Ladder roads, Warham is narrow and not made for HGVS. The houses shake when they roll by, and being narrow at the turn into Wightman such events as yesterday are bound to happen.

It is entirely reasonable to ask what mitigations are being put in place. Maybe having an unequivocal  no entry sign into Warham for HGVs would be a start. What is Highways planning to do to resolve this problem and is there a timescale we can agree on?


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

I’m really grateful to for you taking this up so quickly Zena.

A NO ENTRY sign for HGV ought to be an immediate priority. Its low cost and could be done quickly. Whilst Highways ponder this they should increase the size and improve the positioning/visibility of the current signage at the bottom of the road

It is also essential that they immediately liaise with Jewson's to make sure they put a system in place for ensuring ALL their delivery/pickup companies, customers etc...  who use HGV's instruct and direct their drivers to access their yard from Seven Sisters Road via the Manor House junction and not use St Annes Road as a short cut. I appreciate Jewson's may not be the only business causing this localised problem but getting them involved would help greatly.  

Just walked past it. As well as being obscured by other signage it’s now hidden behind a 3 meter “flag” advert for a local business. Also it says “except access”. How the hell is a vehicle like the one that got stuck this week going to get out after making a delivery?

And this is it

Yes - went past it about an hour ago - Highways should raise the 7.5ton restriction sign to avoid things screening it and ideally replace the blue 'UNSUITABLE for HGV's' sign with 'NO ENTRY for HGV's' and bring its position  closer to the junction - where it is at the moment is too far away.

Gone this morning!

Aaaand back again 



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