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I went for a run this morning, and commented to my running partner that the bridge works were due to begin today (no sign of any activity).

On the way back 45 mins later a gang of workmen were setting up barriers, traffic lights, crossing lights etc.

So, this is it folks, let the games begin. 6 months of Joy!

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Enjoy!! I didn't realise it was today oh god 

Does anyone know where the road will be closed from?

I live next to Audio Acoustics and have a car that we park outside. 

Bobby. I have attached a plan to show you where all the closure points will be.

I am not clear exactly where the bridge part will be closed from and to, as the bridge itself will have  large 'compound' I expect for the equipment that will have to be brought in and out. I guess it will not go as far back as Atterbury Road though... I suspect you will be ok, but for the heavy bits of kit moving up and down- would not want one of them dinging your side...

Thanks Justin

I like the graphic of the the little bloke at each end of Wightman. A pair of headphones to block out the verbal abuse and what looks like a Tazer in each hand - to deal with the more persistent offenders? Whoever ends up doing the job of traffic marshalling will be having a hell of a time so I think offering them calming cups of tea may be in order.

Are you selling the Bridge Games Justin ... I'll take two. Or maybe we should call it Harrigoround ... and round and round. Hope that bridge is gold plated! 

Close the bridge, like they have in salubrious Belsize Park, with pedestrian access only, and save money in austerity.
Plan B, lights with single lane access.

It's two more weeks before Volker Fitzpatrick finish the Hornsey depot site, (before it's handed over to Siemens for commissioning.)
Maybe the bridge should have been sorted before expanding the Hornsey depot.
It's an expensive site to expand a depot, where was their residing place before, Hertford, Kings Cross?

Trucks/Lorries will definitely access Wightman Road after this. Jewson's say they've seen lorries access Wightman by Alroy Rd, and they use their depot site to turn around, (even though they have no connection.) Was lorry access the motivating reason to remodel the round about on Endymion Road?

Considering the emergency route for fire engines and lifting crane access, the nearest fire station is Hornsey, then Islington and Hackney. Heavy lifting gear must come from the North, so I don't understand priority from the south.

Should we resist work commencing until Network Rail prioritise Hornsey and Harringay, providing investment for commuters, we need stations fit for purpose. They squeeze us in peak hours, let's reciprocate.

People say the bridge is unrelated, but Network rail are responsible for the Station structure, footbridges and access, which is substandard. Harringey resembles Brentford FC turnstiles circa 1970.

Shouldn't we complain when there is an opportunity to make improvements, it is within Network Rail's ability and the council should be making this a priority to call to improve our rail gateways, Harringay two stops from Europe folks!

New trains were ordered late last year, they should arrive late 2017, 2018, anyone else have firmer dates?

Matthew, responses to the points in your post:

There is no railway bridge, pedestrianised or not, in (agreed) salubrious Belsize Park i.e. the area around the eponymous tube station - there are lengthy tunnels under the rising ground there. What location had you in mind?

The new depot at Hornsey will house extra Thameslink trains, previously the extras didn't exist so weren't stabled anywhere. The new extra Thameslink trains are shared between Hornsey and Three Bridges, on the way to Brighton.

Re the roundabout remodelling at Endymion Rd/Alroy Rd, TTTH is your go-to local person.

Have no info re emergency access to Wightman Rd during the closure, though I expect/certainly hope London Fire Brigade are aware of such a significant road closure. Ask them?

Harringay and Hornsey stations are not Network Rail's responsibility but Govia Thameslink Railway, the operator of our local services. Ask them what their upgrade plans are? Or is it pitchforks at the ready to "resist" until they upgrade the stations?? And since there aren't any gates at either station, can only assume that the Bees also had no turnstiles/gates either back in the day?

The new local trains serving Harringay and Hornsey stations will be in service by late 2018 - not 2017 - according to this GTR press release.

And no, I have no links with any of the above. Just providing best efforts info. Response welcomed.

Gordon, all the emergency services are statutory consultees for major roadworks.
Well I've just driven the full length of Wightman Road with no evidence yet on the planned road blocks. But the temporary lights are in place just at the bridge.

Bobby, the other recent thread has further details on dates etc. It was all supposed to start from today. Running late already and they haven't even started yet. Doesn't bode well does it...

I thought the preparatory works (of which the lights etc look fairly preparatory) were to start today... Road blocks in place towards the end of the month.

I believe there are a lot of services (electrical, sewage) etc that have to be re-routed before the bridge can actually be removed, so I guess you will see this first.

Oh ok. Thanks for clarifying that. Even at 1pm the traffic was backed up to Cavendish Road. I'm interested to see what it will be like when I pick up the youngster from school.



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