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There will be a meeting to discuss the formal establishment of a Harringay Ladder Residents Association, to be held in the back room of the Langham Workingmen's club, 600 Green Lanes.

The meeting will start at 7.30pm on 16th October. You do not need to be a member of the club to attend.

The proposed order of business is :-

Discussion of the aims and objectives of the RA

Review of a proposed Constitution

Election of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Please RSVP on the Events notice so that we have an idea of likely numbers.

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Thanks for organising this John. See you on 16th

Would it be an idea to link with the gardens association as there are a number of shared issues

I can't come I'm afraid but will be very interested to hear how it goes and what happens next.

Not much interest then ?

Please RSVP on the events notice if you intend to come.

I'm afraid I can't come on the 16th as I have no one to take care of the kids on that night but like Alison am interested in what happens and how it goes forward

That's a pity. I was sure you would make an excellent Chairman / Secretary / Treasurer

I really, really wouldn't. I'm quite crap at paperwork and sums

Hi folks

Residents Associations are always a great idea! There are 180 throughout Haringey. They generally are set up by local residents to cover their street/neighbourhood or block/estate. There are 3 or 4 which cover a very large area, where there are also some smaller more localised RAs within - eg Bruce Grove Residents Network, Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association. This could apply to any Ladder RA. However its a challenge to try to ensure that residents throughout the area are aware of general meetings etc.

More info at www.haringeyresidents.org

There is also a tried, tested, trustworthy and community-friendly sample constitution any group can discuss, adapt, adopt or ignore - http://hfra.wikispaces.com/Federation+-+Other+Info+-+RA+Sample+Cons...

Meanwhile, the next meeting for the borough's RAs is this coming Tuesday 14th Oct, 7pm  Salvation Army Centre, Terront Road, N15 (by West Green Rd). All RA reps, and those interested in forming ones, are welcome. Info: 07952 165493

From this thread I think I must live in the only part of Harringay that doesn't have a residents' association.  Which I quite like :-)

Hi I'd be interested in attending but can't make that date. Would it be possible to rearrange? Tuesday's and Thursdays tricky for me for the next few weeks


Thanks for your interest Jez but whatever day we choose will be wrong for someone. For instance, I can't make any other day that week. Do keep in touch though.

OK, four days away and only one person has shown enough interest to say that they will attend.

Having had, over the years, much experience of the futile task of flogging dead horses, I  have cancelled the meeting.



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