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Hopefully you have seen Haringey’s proposals for changes to Wightman Road/Alroy Road (see link at the bottom)

One of the main proposals is to stop pavement parking on Wightman/Alroy.  Haringey have estimated that this will lead to the loss of 29% of spaces on Wightman/Alroy and that this loss will be mitigated by Wightman/Alroy residents using vacant parking places on the Ladder rung roads.  Haringey estimates that currently, at peak times, 27% of available resident parking places on the rung roads are vacant.  

The Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) will be making a response to the consultation and want to check if this figure is realistic.  In order to do this we need to carry out an audit of as many Ladder rung roads as possible to find out if Haringey’s estimate matches the actual situation on our roads.

This will be a simple walk up and down a Ladder rung road, counting the number of parked cars and estimating how many cars can additionally be parked in unused spaces.  To give an accurate picture the count will need to be held at the same time on the same day (when parking is at its busiest).

The count needs to be completed in the next two weeks so that the information can be included in the LCSP consultation response.  If you think you can help by carrying out a count on your road (or more than one road) please send email me at mxanderson@me.com and I’ll  get back to you with more detail.

Many thanks


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Out of curiosity, if the council did over-estimate the capacity, what is the end-game?

Is the intention to maintain pavement parking if capacity isn't sufficient, I'm not sure what the other options would be?

They've noticed a drop in car ownership on the ladder and are leaping ahead of the curve.

Increase supply for residents by extending CPZ hours, and/or decrease demand by increasing resident permit prices.

Either way, I'll be delighted to see the end of pavement parking:

I guess they are options, although I'd expect demand re: permits to be fairly inelastic unless the increases were very significant.

I suppose removing pay and display bays at the bottom of the roads would also be an option (admittedly one that we all know the council wouldn't do).

There's a lot to be said for requiring commercial vehicles to have a permit (or pay) to park at any time. We have a neighbour whose employer regularly parks 1 or 2 vans outside ours overnight while no permits are required, they do exactly what is shown above and take up 2/3 spaces because they park to ensure they can get a very generous turning cycle to get out again.

Joe, it's interesting to see your suggestions for influencing parking supply and demand.

At the LCSP meeting last night someone mentioned the issue of multiple cars owned by one house. Some London boroughs seek to discourage this by charging a higher amount for second permits. I've no idea how effective this is. I'd imagine that the additional charge would need to be significant to work.

Thanks for all the responses (and email offers of help). A few things that occur to me - 

  • Sunday evening does seems the best day to count and I would suggest between 8-9pm is an ideal time.  As well as being peak parking time it’s also still light.
  • Those who can do it this Sunday 22 July (I can for instance) will probably capture more resident parking as schools break up on Friday and some lucky folk go off on holiday.  I know that not everyone might be to do that so Sunday 29 July would be the mop up
  • Yes, now is not the ideal time with holidays looming but we have no choice as the window of opportunity is set by the consultation period.  The results would need to be caveated to reflect that.

I’ll get instructions out to everyone who put their names forward by this Saturday.  It will be very straightforward and I hope it will take less than 30 minutes to do a road.

Any more volunteers will be very very welcome!  Drop me an email at the address below saying which road(s) you can cover.

Many thanks all


I think it’s a good idea for making Wightnan more pleasant. If it was residents only until 8pm in the whole area would that create enough space? With Lausanne it’s the Liberty church that creates the parking issues at the weekend and Monday night 

As at 7:15am today, Friday 20 July, people have volunteered to carry out a count on the following roads









We’re doing the count this Sunday (22nd) between 8-9pm and with a second round on Sunday 29th at the same time for those who can’t manage this Sunday.  Any more volunteers for roads not on the list are very welcome

Email me at mxanderson@me.com

Sydney and Raleigh now have a volunteer 

And Frobisher



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