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If Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party, will Harringay get its first Blue Plaque? He was a ward councillor for Harringay and lived in Lausanne Rd.

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Well his 'dodgy' record includes not supporting the war against Iraq which has lead to the disaster those of us opposed to it said it would. Not sure what 'firebrand' means except that it's a word used by rightwingers to imply something negative without being specific. He is a modest and unassuming man, and, indeed, had to be persuaded to stand by colleagues. His constituency record is second to none, and he has earned the support of his constituents by being a hard working MP. His record stands in marked contrast to our own David Lammy, who is an unprincipled jobsworth...

Really? Dodgy actions? I think you'll find that if anybody has had their actions justified by the passage of time, it would be young Mr Corbyn, wherever you happen to be on the political spectrum.

I would also be interested in what you term 'dodgy actions'

Are you referring to his track-record of working hard to fight for individual constituents to redress callous treatment by vested political and business interests? Or perhaps you meant his career-long support for political exiles fleeing murderously unpleasant regimes such as Pinochean Chile?

I guess that politicians who are prepared to walk-the-talk, to the extent that Mr Corbyn has, are  decidedly dodgy in the modern Labour party.

God forbid that a Blue Plaque should celebrate those whose lives have been dedicated to  speaking up and acting to support the disadvantaged and oppressed both at home and abroad. 

Mark, Mike...just in case you did not know: Neil O'Shea isn't declaring that he is a Thatcherite who was a Councillor and has a record of vitriol against all things that are the best in Haringey. He was soundly defeated in the loical election of 2014 and has not got over it!

Ah - that explains a lot

Bitterness truly is a terrible thing to witness.

13th out of 14 candidates in Noel Park, fewer votes than UKIP and his two Conservative colleagues - just 163 votes. Doorstep charm, perhaps.....

During the last forty plus years Jeremy Corbin has campaigned against apartheid in SA, for the release of the Guilford Four and Birmingham six, against the war in Afghanistan, against the war in Iraq 2003, against weapons of mass destruction including Trident, for LGBT rights, for Pinochet to be put on trial, for the rights of Palestinian people, opening a dialogue with Sinn Fein, campaigns against racism and fascism, opposed tuition fees, opposed PFI, campaigned against UK selling arms to Iraq and against mass killing of Iraqi Kurds in 70s/ 80s, campaigned for public ownership of railways, argues against austerity etc etc etc, time and again he has been on the right side of history.

And he once gave me 20p when I was short of change when we were both standing in a queue to get a take away coffee in a cafe in Bethnal Green about 10 years ago. Random acts of kindness to a stranger work for me.

Redistributive policy in action!

If you know the address on Lausanne Road I guess he can get a Harringay online Virtual Blue Plaque posted on http://www.communitywalk.com/harringay/london/blue_plaques_for_harr....

The press has given increased coverage to Jeremy Corbyn in recent months and I have noticed, with increasing discomfort, that some perfectly normal facts about him (for example that he has had a beard for many years and grows vegetables) have been adduced as though they support his reputation as a political eccentric holding radical left wing views. My friends on HoL will know that I too have had a beard for many years and grow vegetables and before the tendency to misread such associations gets out of hand, let me say that I have found nine other things in the press that I have in common with Jeremy Corbyn:


  1. We both grew up in rural counties
  2. We both went to grammar school
  3. We both attended North London Polytechnic rather briefly[1]
  4. We both had long hair and a beard at age 25
  5. We both acquired a Lenin cap[2]
  6. We both had Czech CZ motorbikes
  7. We both lived in the Harringay ladder
  8. We both got married at Haringey town hall
  9. We both divorced amicably


Heaven knows what certain journalists might make of this but I should like to make clear that none of it implies anything at all about his political views or mine.

[1] In my case to study statistics at evening classes.

[2] What is known here as a Lenin cap is merely the normal shape of men’s cap that was popular, especially in Poland, for much of the 20th century.  Needless to say, in Poland, it has no association at all with Lenin and, if it had, only eccentrics would have worn them.



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