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I am hoping to get a feel for how much it would cost to repair window sills.  We live on Burgoyne Rd and we have the bog standard three window sills in the bay which we are hoping to repair.

The sills look like these:

We have got quotes like £1K in the past.  Does that sound reasonable?  We are hoping we just do minimal possible cosmetically if such a method is possible.

Thank you!

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Assuming there isn't anything structurally wrong with them £1k sounds very expensive.

I far from an expert but I would have thought sand / strip to get off the old paint

Fill with good exterior filler

(If you're looking to make the bottom bit square again you could try building up the filler slowly)

Then masonry paint - good as new.

No, they are a bit crumbly in the edges, but they are structurally sound.  I guess we just want to strip the paint, touch up bit that are crumpled and repainted.  Thanks for the advice.

I stripped, filled and painted the ones at the back

of my house and paid under £1k to

have the whole of the front of house repaired and painted including the window

sills, and front door. £1k For sills alone

seems expensive. 


I see.  Good to know.  Thanks for the information, very helpful and your photo shows they performed a reasonable job.  

If it is not a trouble, may I ask who you went with for this job?  Thank you!

I got an internal sill redone completely (by carpenter) at a relatively high price of 400£ all in. That included a solid piece of 3cm thick wood and half a days work.

I'd reckon only about 500 to strip, seal and repaint all three if it's not got rot (wooden sill) or structural cracks. As the above answer says, if you're looking to make them square and nice again, will take more time and cost.

Will cost you much more to replace them with wood or whatever else it's made of. 

I suppose, internal and external may differ in cost and work involved, but thanks for the info.  Have you done any external ones in the past?  

I run a family decorating firm in N8 established over 65 years, ( we are booked until April) so unbiased advice, your sills & corbels underneath have been filled with interior polyfiller, so you may as well fill with baby powder as it will absorb water, also it has been painted with an oil gloss Paint which is incorrect as it seals the surface (stone needs to breath) as soon as the sun heats up the surface in an effort to escape it pushes the paint off.

It should all be stripped off  & filled with Toupret Murex (crushed marble dust & resins)  & painted with breathable masonry paint. The filler is £70 per bag so not cheap but worth it long term. Hope that helps?

We don't allow stealth advertising and I thought that's what your comment was. So I was about to delete it. But, in fact, it looks very helpful and generous advice. So thank you for sharing your expertise.



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