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Possibly one for the more longer term residents.

There's a new hedgehog in the hood. I first guessed there might be one when a neighbour's cat started spending hours fascinated by something (during daylight hours) but not approaching it. I figured it must be a hedgehog sleeping the day off. I couldn't access the spot to take a look myself. 

Since then I've now heard it grunting loudly many times in neighbouring gardens but not seen it.

Now, having finally finished fortifying the fence against the @$%£# foxes, I find myself trying to find ways of letting the hedgehog in. More from a conservation point of view than for our amusement, as they need to be able to get around. Though I certainly wouldn't mind it having a go at our slugs.

Online research suggests a hole of 13cm by 13cm but I have seen foxes get through that.

Thinking of building something like this and sticking it under the fence.

I know it says cat resistant but cats are able to come and go anyway and we have no issues with that. 

Not interested in allowing the foxes in at all - owing to the poo, digging, mangling anything left out and trampling every single plant. One or two might have been OK but now there are EIGHT that our neighbour insists on feeding, which is far more than we can cope with. 

Any other suggestions?


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Hi there

As long as there is enough food about foxes and hedgehogs will coexist very happily together, it’s only when food is scarce that a fix might try and eat a hedgehog. Badgers are the biggest threat to hedgehogs, and luckily we don’t have any of them in Haringey yet!!

Hi Charlie

Not worried about the threat to hedgehogs from foxes. It's us humans who want the foxes out and hedgehogs in...

I was wondering if someone's keeping track - thanks!

Yikes I didn't know that :(


Do you think this would work? 

I would imagine the tunnel going around a corner would be a better idea as hedgehogs like tunnels and I doubt even a fox would fit through there when it would be much easier to to just climb over the fence.

This one will encourage foxes to dig under it :( I've had to bury some defences where the soil was loose / soft... I think it might have to be the tunnel.

In an emergency a fox can easily clear a six foot fence although they do appear to prefer inconspicuous ground level routes for their routine travels.  I know the routes they use to get in and out of my garden but I doubt whether blocking them up would do much beyond obliging them to look around for safe alternatives.  Perhaps I should experiment a bit to see whether they take to jumping over fences if all else fails.

6 foot fence yes, easily and routinely so without even being an emergency, but 2 metre bamboo slat screening that goes 17cm higher than the surrounding 6 foot fence and doesn't provide a ledge - apparently not. So far :)

Yes I love the thought of it and now hear it every day but haven't yet set eyes on it. Between Umdreville and Burgoyne...

I would welcome a hegehog or two but, in fact, the last one I saw at my place was over 35 years ago and it was dead having crawled under a boiler and died there. I believe that poisonous slug bate may be responsible for their decline in towns so we should be careful what we use.

Hi Shariq,  this news of hedgehogs makes me very happy.  We have been wondering how to encourage them and have spoken to neighbours about whether they may be willing to cut a hole in their fences.  Could you say which end of the ladder you are on - we are on Warham.

Bottom end. Did you see / hear one too? 



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