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Is it just my impression or the number of homeless people in Harringay/Green Lanes is going up by the day? Last night I counted about 7 people on the way from Homebase to the Post Office. And they weren't even the usual faces I see all the time.

I am wondering if the number of homeless people has increased everywhere in London or just in this neighbourhood? 

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Yes, agreed. It's a subsidy to the landlord instead.

I said I wasn't taking sides. Nor did I assume your circumstances - I stated mine as the example. 

I did not buy a council house.

I have no idea what any of this has to do with the recent increase of street homelessness around Green Lanes. As Jayzee rightly says this is a drugs issue.
It is a drug issue. The problem is concentrated specifically in harringay and Manor House because that's where the dealers operate. I don't see many homeless people in crouch end, Wood Green or anywhere else round here.

You don't have a 24hr McDonald's either where you can kip for 30 minutes in the warm before being moved on.

When I first arrived in London as back in the 70s I spent almost 2 weeks sleeping rough in and around Victoria coach station after the bedsit it I'd been promised fell through (and the first two weeks rent I had sent ending up,in someone's pocket). The reason I and many other bedded down there wasn't because it was a venue of choice but because it was open 24 hours a day and relatively safe. I think it the same for this part of Green Lanes. Like John says the McDonalds provides a short respite now and then and people are around on the street day and night.
I got out of that situation due to the kindness of a single individual but if it had been left to me to find accommodation I can't imagine that many landlords agreeing to rent to me with no deposit and, by about day 3, highly questionable hygiene.

From a radio programme I heard, a few years ago the people who ran St Martin in the Fields shelter were wondering what to do with all the space they had, since homelessness had fallen so dramatically. Then came a Tory government and we are back where we were in the 80s, with people sleeping in doorways and under bridges. I think it's clear where the blame lies.

Anyone genuinely concerned about homelessness could do a lot worse than donating any amount they can afford to the St Anns Redevelopment Trust. It tackles the housing issue in a truly innovative and local way. See the block at the top of the central column on the home page.

For those interested in this issue the latest evidence in a government enquiry on homelessness has just been published on the parliamentary website

Many thanks, HoL Site Admin. 
I note from my initial glance at the evidence that the best way to prevent homelessness is by having better data and through homelessness prevention. I'm glad to see our MPs given expert advice.



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