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Considering a move to Harringay and would appreciate some advice on transport. My partner needs to travel to Moorgate and we've heard that it can be almost impossible to board a train going in this direction during morning rush hour (7:30-8:30). We use Finsbury Pk at the moment and have noticed that trains are often extremely full by the time they get to us (then empty out significantly at Finsbury Park) - suggesting people further up the line might've had difficulty getting on. I'd be really interested to hear from any commuters using Harringay station to travel into the city - is it doable in the morning, or does the day start with a hellish battle to board a carriage?

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Yup I use the train from there most days. If I get the train before 8am I generally get on but yes it's a bit squished to Finsbury Park. Between 8- 8.30 it's a bit of a bun fight and quite often I have to get the next train. They could solve the issue or relieve it if they had more trains stopping there between 8-8.30 but that's probably a far too sensible solution. But despite that half hour I wouldn't move, it's a great place to live, hope that helps.

I used to catch the 08.04 every day up until September. It was a fricking nightmare trains always late or cancelled and I'd you were fortunate enough to get on you were packed in like sardines until Highbury and Islington. You might be lucky if you get on at 07.30.
I get the train between 7:00 and 7:30am and it's fine. If If I have a lie in its squishy between 7:30 and 8 and cattletruck afterwards. In the summer it's actually quite pleasant to start the day by walking through the park to FP station but I suppose it depends on how far up the ladder you are - I'm halfway
I used to do it every day for a year. It's fine at 7am but any later and you need to be prepared to miss a few trains before you can get on and also factor in an extra 20 mins for the usual delays. 9 times out of ten you won't get a seat and you will arrive at Moorgate stressed and annoyed. However, the 141 bus goes straight to Moorgate from Green Lanes, or if the 341 bus arrives first hop on that to Newington Green where you can catch the 21 to Moorgate. If I work over that way now I normally get the bus which takes longer but you will usually always get a seat and you can have a nice relaxing journey and use the internet on your phone/tablet. Even getting any bus to Manor House and getting the tube and then changing at Kings Cross is a more viable option than the train after 7am once you factor in the stress/delays/discomfort etc. hope this helps!

Ditto I worked near Moorgate Station for 4 years and used to get the 141 every day.  My journey was about usually 45 minutes door to door, so a bit longer, but I always got a seat and it was a pretty relaxed journey.  It's also substantially cheaper than getting the tube/train

I think the origin of the train makes a difference.  I used to always get the 8.20 (from Welwyn Garden City) and could get on, but the 8.16 (from Stevenage) and 8.25 (from Hertford North) were rammed - although could get on those trains maybe 70% of the time.   If I did get on the trains mentioned at Harringay - I'd normally get a seat at Finsbury Park or Highbury & Islington at the latest.


Depending on where you'll be located, the Tube from Manor House is also a fairly easy option.   I cycle now, and can get to Liverpool Street in 25 mins, so that could also be an option. 

There is some relief in prospect. Go-Ahead, who've just taken over the Thameslink/Great Northern franchise are committed to ordering new trains for the Moorgate service & improving the timetable. But it will be probably be at least two to three years before the new trains arrive.

Quite so.  The timetable change should make quite a difference - big increase in services on the Hertford Loop should mean that trains that serve Harringay are less busy.

Once Thameslink comes through in 2018 it will rather shake up all the service patterns (though those trains are unlikely to stop at Harringay/Hornsey in the short term).

I use Harringay around 7:45-8:00AM.  It's rare that I can't get on the first train that comes.  It's often horribly busy, but only for the two minutes to Finsbury Park - after that lots of people get off so Moorgate-bound people can often get a seat.

It's only as bad as the Victoria line from FP at the same time. It's doable and as said, lovely enough place to live to warrant a few minute sardine feeling.
Thanks so much for the replies - much appreciated! Sounds like it's pretty much as expected - but I'm sure we could find a way to live with it... (Good motivation to get up earlier, perhaps!)

Depending where you end up in Harringay, you may be much nearer a bus stop than the station, so although a

bus-to-Manor-House Piccadilly-line-to-Finsbury-Park Victoria-Line-to-Highbury&Islington Gt Northern-to-Moorgate

sequence looks very fiddly, there's a bus every 2-3 minutes, and the Piccadilly/Victoria and Victoria/Gt Northern changes are cross-platform so are quick, and you've more chance of getting on at Highbury than Harringay.

PS Harringay station is in zone 3, Manor House tube station is in the cheaper zone 2, and if you have an Annual Season ticket you get the buses for free anyway.

Yes I did that the other day in reverse and I was home in about 25 minutes. You get the buses for free on a weekly travel card too not just annual.



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