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Resource magazine has reported that Haringey made it into the top ten worst borough for unlawful rubbish dumping.

In a list topped, surprisingly by the City of London, both Haringey and Enfield were amongst the ten most fly-tipped boroughs in the country.

The list is ranked by the number of fly tipping incidents per thousand residents. Given the low density of population in the City, no surprise perhaps that it led the way with a score of 233. Enfield was hard on its heels with 227 and Haringey came in at a comparably respectable 122.

The stats don't show where in each borough offences occur, but locally I think it's safe to assume that the problem worsens the further east you go.

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Something, something, cutting services, something something charging residents, something something results worsening.

Most illuminating......

Same as usual, If you cut services and make residents pay over and above their council tax, flytipping will increase.

It's not clear to me how much of the blame for this can be laid at the Council's door. Do we know if their policies and practices are different to other similar boroughs in a way which is likely to encourage dumping?

I suspect that Alan Stanton may have a much better idea of this than I do.

I can see in Wood Green half of the problem is from tenants change over. Lots of the houses are converted into flats. I'm constantly reporting but that's not the solution.  They should think about writing to known landlords in the area, putting signs, cctvs in hotspots. Another big percentage comes from builders who just empty their vans there. This weekend just gone an old bathtub plus rubble appeared in the corner....it's driving me mad...

That seems to be my observation too. Presumably property must be empty for handing back, and with the option of paying for a collection or just dumping it and scarpering, the latter seems to be winning.

£25 for up to 4 items and £10 for each further item. That can add up quickly.

Where I work (a central London university) we call September: 'Start of Session'.

At home we call September: 'Fridge Season'.

I hesitate to blame the council because they are cash strapped by central government cuts.

But the thing that would make a real difference they are unable to do because they have no money is properly enforce the rules. A perfect policy that isn't being enforced is less effective than a just-good-enough one that is.

If they are so cash strapped how come they can find £86k for rebranding? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/cash-strapped-haringey-spent...

And how can you forget Kober's £44k splurge for investment? https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/809095/Haringey-council-real-esta...

Most London boroughs charge now (only 7 of the 32 boroughs had a free service as at February last year - the most recent data I could find) so some other factors must come in to to play.  Some things that come to mind are - 

A high rate of churn in the rental market- I would imagine that most people on this site see mattresses appearing on the street with monotonous regularity as one set of tenants move out and another move in

Low car ownership - a trip to the dump is next to impossible with large items without one

Enforcement - I have no idea how much of this happens in Haringey but it’s not visible.  Visibility is a great disincentive - if you know you’re likely to get caught, you’re less likely to do it.

Lack of joined up working - street based staff walk past stuff.  If you’re job is to be out on the street with a council provided phone, use it to reporting dumping, no matter what your job is

Dodgy wate disposal - I’ve been approached a few time by blokes with vans who say they’ll get rid of something at the front of my house for 20 quid.  I’ve said no as I know they load it on the the van, take it around the corner and dump it on the pavement.

I’m hoping that the new Cabinet member for Environment puts the problem at the top of their in tray.

Dodgy landlords, of which east Haringey-Tottenham has a very high concentration.

But going out in the middle of the day on Sunday saw a man walikng in front of me with 3 large empty cardboard boxes from a big chain that sells flatback stuff, he proceeded to add them to the heap of plastic bags some lovely not good samaritan had already placed in the small carpark next to our lovely community tended garden. When I challenged him he said 'I didn't know' - can't tell if he was telling he truth or not. He didn't look rogueish. ;-)

Thanks for posting this and for all contributions. I think the assumption about the problem being worse in the east of the borough is accurate!!.

I have Landlord Licensing and Enforcement in my Cabinet portfolio, so for this topic, I think the buck stops with me. I of course, agree with all the points about HMOs and rogue landlords and also that we increase our Enforcement visibility. I have only held the brief for a week so forgive me if I am not completely up to speed. I will post more information as I gather it myself. What I have been advised is that alongside our own plans for landlord licensing (the consultation went well), the government is introducing new rules and regs from October for landlord licensing. All income will be ring fenced, so that should provide a pool for investing in additional staff.

I agree about enforcement visibility so will be asking more about that and deployment of officers.I was pleased to hear the the Enforcement officers meet regularly to problem solve across agencies on the top 10 hotspots and have asked to attend the meeting to get a feel for how this works, and what the outcomes are. My clear impression is that the officers are really dedicated and keen. We know we need to expand the numbers and also to deal with the landlords. Having our own borough wide scheme and the new government framework in place really should help.


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay Ward



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