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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey want to extend ALL two-hour CPZs across the entire borough.

See this pdf on the Haringey Council website.

They have slipped this in quietly under the Muswell Hill and Fortis Green consultations.

Very underhand.

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Thanks for this. It’s really unfair because it will make a massive difference to people who have visitors outside of working hours.

Is there any way we can object to it or is a fait accompli? 

We've been 0800-2200 for years, expensive when you have visitors... ...but it means when you're on the edge of a shopping area you can park.

Far rom ideal considering the proposal to limit the restrict the purchase of visitor permits to a maximum of 2 dailies

This move also explains why, in the general parking review consultation (thread here), hourly visitor permits will be withdrawn since parking controls will be on a day basis, not two hours. Should have realised that.

Shockingly underhand to bury this borough-wide change in the consultations for two proposed new CPZs.

Where does it say that they are withdrawing hourly permits? That doesn't make any sense.

Hi Maddy, it's not explicit, that's the point I think. 

They don't use the word 'withdrawing' but that's clearly their action given that there's no reference anywhere in their documents to anything other than all-day visitor permits at £4.00 a day in the future.

If I've missed a reference to the price of one-hour vouchers so be it, but I couldn't see it on even a second and third reading.

It doesn’t propose any changes to the one hour vouchers.  In the accompanying statement of reasons it says

Visitors Vouchers
The council currently takes a pragmatic approach and allows residents to purchase an uncapped number of visitor vouchers which includes hourly and daily vouchers. The council has noted that visitor voucher purchase has spiked, especially in the Tottenham Hotspur event day areas, creating additional parking pressures. There is evidence where third parties are woulding to purchase those permits at a premium from residents and the level of use suggests that some residents are selling those permits on.
Whilst the existing terms and conditions require that permits are not resold, enforcement of this is not possible with the existing IT system. Furthermore, if enforcement were possible this would be contingent on a high evidential threshold and not anecdotal evidence.
In order to continue with the sales policy referred to above it is proposed that

• The use of a daily visitor permit both online and paper option, to be restricted to two concurrent live permits per account holder i.e. if a third permit is in use then the vehicle utilising the 3rd and subsequent permits may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.
• The cost of daily visitor vouchers to increase to £4 across all CPZ areas.

Yes, but the Visitor Vouchers section of the draft 2020 TMO [link, the table is on page 4] has a table of charges, which is, in full, with no reference to 1-hour vouchers:

In comparison, the 2018 parking charges public notice [link, ZIP file] lists one-hour vouchers as well as the various discontinuations:

So one-hour vouchers are not listed on the full 2020 schedule of charges, and my understanding leading from that is that they will no longer be available for purchase once the TMO is enacted. Presumably any already in residents' hands will be honoured rather than cancelled. I hope.

There’s really only one way to find out Gordon - ask!

I've asked them (twice, via the consultation email address and also via the Parking webpage enquiry form).

Soon to be a piece of history say I, like a stack of 80-column punched cards (wish I'd kept a few of those...).

I’ve had a go too

It clearly needed levelling up between the different areas, having full day permit requirements in one street and two hour requirements the next street over isn't particularly equitable.

I can't say I'm surprised they've decided to level things up by going for the option which increases, rather than decreases, revenue.



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