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Haringey's Garden Waste Fee Sees Highest Charges for Those Least able to Afford them

Some weeks back we were able to confirm that under the new garden waste collection scheme, you can opt to put your garden waste in sacks rather than accommodate yet another wheelie bin. The charge for a full size bin is £75.00 p.a. For sacks it's £55.

But hold your horses, the number of sacks is rationed to 60 initially. There's a regressive taxation twist to the scheme.

If you use up your 60 sacks, you'll need to pay a further £55 for another 60 sacks. That's 92 pence per plastic sack. It'll be no surprise to learn that you can buy much cheaper sacks but Veolia tell me that they "cannot collect any garden waste which is not in our refuge (sic) bags".

This seems like very odd logic to me. I'm assuming that Haringey see the link between property size (and therefore very often income) and the likely need to use sacks. They say on their website, "If you feel you do not have space for a standard sized 240 litre bin then a supply of biodegradable sacks, or smaller 140 litre bins are available for £55 a year."

What they don't say is that if you live in a prpoerty which can easily accommodate yet another bin, they will collect 240 litres a week of garden waste (using the standard size bin) for £75 pa. However, if you live in a small property (and are therefore more likely to be less well off), they will only collect 50-75 litres per week (for £55 pa). To have them collect 240 litres a week will cost you more like £200+ per year. 

Someone seems not to have thought this through.

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Thanks Hugh and everyone for all the points you have raised, and for finding so many loopholes and disparities in these plans.

A petition about these charges, signed by some 1300 people was presented to the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Monday night. There are huge questions as to whether these charges will even raise the revenue target (which I doubt ) as well as them undermining the recycling of green waste as people will find other ways to dispose of it. I have asked repeatedly about what plans are in place should the introduction of these, and the other waste  charges prove unsuccessful, and have asked that regular reviews are held to monitor the impact. 

I have been told that this will all be kept under review so we shall see if there is a Plan B.


Cllr, Harringay Ward 


Do you know who I can ask about my Q above ie can I share the sacks with neighbours?

Oops. Should have linked the message below to your question

Pam, this from the Veolia FAQs on the new service

Can I share my bin with my neighbour?
Yes this is possible, however the bin(s) or sacks need to be kept on the premises of the property that has paid for the bin(s) or sacks, as otherwise the crew will not be able to collect them. We will only be able to deal with the person paying the bill.

I'm reading this as meaning that the crew will have a list of addresses that have taken out a contract and will only collect from those addresses. So if, say you are the contract holder, neighbours you are sharing the bill with will need to put the garden waste sacks on your property for collection.

Suppose that means there's no benefit to nicking someone elses garden waste bin but neighbours will need to carry their stuff to the contract holders property and the contract holder will have to have the space for, potentially, several neighbours putting sacks on their property at peak times (summer and autumn usually)


As this seems pretty crucial to people's plans for using the new service I'll start a new thread on it

Big plastic bins scattered all over make neighbourhoods look depressing and miserable, and now Haringey is proposing more.

The very same lorries are going to be travelling the very same routes, empty. People are going to drive through congested streets to the only remaining Dump at Wood Green.

Fly tipping is going to get worse.

The incentive to help neighbours with their gardens, or maintain public spaces will diminish.

And my goodness me there’s going to be a right old black market for those biodegradable sacks. I bet a few of them are going to go missing!

For goodness sake, Haringey, collect it for free! But why am I even writing this? They are NOT listening!

stoopid Haringey



Not many other ways to say it!

Hi everyone. I just found out about this change to the garden waste collection scheme. I only need to have garden waste collected a few times per year (no more than about 6 times), so isn't worth me paying £55 or £75. If anyone lives or (or near to) Fairfax Road, and has one of the new bins, I'd be happy to make a small £ contribution in order to use it? It does seem to me that (unless the council reverts to free collections), the sensible option is for neighbours to band together and dilute the costs... 



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