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Steak tartarail, eh ??

I am now retired but worked on the ES for over 25 years, as a Train Manager. It amazing what passengers expect when objects, people, animals « foul » the line. Not to talk about other incidents…

A train hitting any object, even at low speed can have serious consequences.

The worst is when passengers tell you, after some unfortunate soul has been killed… « why is it taking so long to clear the line? ».

We are quick to blame, when things go wrong and want to hold someone responsible but we don’t like the consequences of improved safety regimes/measures.

People need to keep their gazebos and other objects secured. That is the message.

I got stuck at Gloucester Station in the storms last year and the lady there told me that trampolines blowing on the lines are a major problem

It's not so much that it took 3 hours to arrange removal of an object on a railway line, but that the delay is deemed to be the fault of the gazebo and its owner!

I would argue that the delay is the fault of the owner of the gazebo. Who's fault do you think it is?

It makes me think that had the railways not cut down many of the trees on the embankments to prevent 'leaves on the line', (remember them?), the foliage would have caught any extraneous flying objects mid-air.

Yes, but one of the trees would probably have blown on to the line, causing greater havoc.

I am very glad to say that this airborne gazebo was not mine.  A couple of years ago I took the precaution of securing mine with very tough nylon guy ropes as shown here:

To my surprise, my tough nylon guy ropes were so frequently chewed through by foxes that I needed a different solution.  The lower part of each guy rope is now made of galvanised steel chain:



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