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In 2019 TfL opened two new lifts at Finsbury Park station. The lifts provide step-free access to the Piccadilly and Victoria lines as well as to platforms in the Network Rail (NR) station.

Two new lifts have opened on platforms 3/4 and 7/8, meaning all platforms now have step-free access.

Apparently the lift that goes up to platforms 5 & 6 travels directly between the Underground platforms level and the mainline level. The others do not and passengers need to change lift at street level.

Local TfL staff I spoke to are uncertain about whether all lifts will eventually offer a direct connection, or whether none will. I assume this relates to ticket management.

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Great news! 

All stations should be accessible to everyone. 

It is possible that the reason that only the lift on platforms 5 & 6 connects directly to the underground is because of the 3D relationship between the underground & surface platforms (given that lifts go vertically up & down).

There's a TfL 3D diagram of Finsbury Park underground here:


- but this diagram doesn't have the surface platforms. However, my understanding is that all the platforms are pretty parallel underground & on the surface, which would suggest that some of the surface platforms would not be able to have a lift going vertically down to the level of the underground platforms.

Thanks Michael, but as I understand it, one lift, which technically can go all the way doesn't do so: it requires a change at street level. The other goes all the way.

Yesterday, I was put through to the local station by TfL enquiries, I think by mistake. The local staff member I spoke to said that the the train operator stopped the one lift going all they way. They don't know why the other one does or whether it should be, or what will happen in future.

I use the lifts often, and fare evaders and homeless people use them to fare evade and get on the network to beg. I often see drug users push through the barriers to get in and out, and I've encountered groups of homeless people supporting a heavily intoxicated homeless person using the lifts.

The people who beg on the network seem to get off and on at Finsbury Park. I would speculate it has to do with the nearby roaring crack and heroin trade and the ease of fare evasion. 

I feel concerned for people experiencing homelessness, but there is a particularly unpleasant and desperate edge to the drug users who use the station to fare evade and beg on the network. It doesn't make me feel safe when intoxicated people ask me how much my wheelchair costs as if they plan on nicking it from under me when Im trapped in a metal box with them. 

That's what I sispected and was what I euphemistically referred to as "ticket management" in my original post. 

Though the station is now fully gated, so are different routes out still relevant?

Thanks Hugh, I had been staring at the'Lift out of action' sign for a good month or so.

Thank you michaelw above for the 3D/lift logistics making-sense text and diagram.

I can't see a way in which all National Rail platforms could have vertical lifts to and from both north-and south-bound underground platforms. Some interchanges will inevitably require a change of lift at an intermediate level.

Yes this. They don't all line up, only 5&6 does and that's remarkable good fortune..

Decent 3D models are hard to come by, but this (out of date) one gives you a sense of the challenge.

And what about platforms 1 and 2. I regularly use the Brighton train but am not aware of any lifts at that end if the station

They were the first platforms to have a lift.

Wow, haven’t spotted it!  I usually go in the Wells Terrace entrance and go up the stairs. Where exactly is lift access and does it  go up both tiers ?



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