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The Thames water works have begun and Fairfax road is choking in the pollution caused by the idling, gridlocked traffic that has been diverted from Wightman rd.  Can anyone tell me who I can write to who might be able to amend the diversion so that it goes down more roads than just Beresford and Fairfax?

I've contacted Gina, Sarah and Zena of Harringay ward. Is there anyone else, or anything else I can do? The air is already thick with pollution and three weeks of this will be very serious for health of children living on the road, including mine. Thanks for any advice. 

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Dear All

Thank you for all your emails and comments. I have been chasing Highways since the closure and written several emails to Ann Cunningham and Stephen McDonnell who is the Director. I have forwarded your emails, photos and video so there can be no doubt about the problems caused for residents, especially in Fairfax and Beresford Roads. I got an email update yesterday which said, in summary that the Council have added or ensured Thames Water have  placed signage on many more roads from Turnpike Lane up to Endymion. I saw the signage this morning when I did my surgery. This is an improvement, but I will be writing to Ann again as I think many of your suggestions could help.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet member for Children and Families

i just posted this on another thread.

8pm 25/10/2019- It appears that drivers are heeding the signs posted from Endymion Road to Beresford Road in a northerly direction as there was little build up of traffic at the road closure however in a southerly direction Fairfax was agin backed right up to the top at Wightman Road with drivers doing precarious u turns at the junction, so I think signage from Turnpike Lane going south along Wightman Road is still inadequate.

Zena, please continue to pressure those in charge. Children have been coming to the playground on Fairfax, walking along the road all day and inhaling the most terrible air that will be detrimental for their health. Residents need some sign from that council that you care and that you are doing something about this situation.  The traffic has been at a standstill all day and all the cars are idling. Could you at least send someone/ put up some signage to asks the cars not to idle? We are choking here! Why are the cars all still coming down Fairfax? We need urgent help. 

There is an illuminated sign near the start of  Wightman Road at the Turnpike Lane end (Sydney Road junction) however from a drivers perspective it is poorly sighted as it is obscured by other signs and there are too many distractions at that point to have time to read it.

Well, yes- that and the fact that the vast majority are ignoring signs warning them not to go down Wightman road and driving right down to the last available roads in the vain hope they are the magic cupcakes who can avoid the road closure... 

literally lemming city. Going South from the top there are *many* options but they pretty much all continue past the signs telling them to turn left to avoid the closure.  

PS - I'm not defending the drivers but feel that much better and earlier signage would help particularly for those drivers who are on automatic pilot and seem to come upon the blockage  in surprise, this includes police cars and ambulances with blue lights going.

Zena, are you and our other two ward councillors consulted on these types of road works prior to their commencement and informed of the associated diversions? If so, was there an opportunity to raise this prior to rather than during the works?

It seems realistic to presume the council has no intention of placing signs on Turnpike Lane or Hornsey Park Road. They need to filter vast amounts of traffic down the Ladder roads as Turnpike Lane would not cope were there appropriate signage. Instead the council has been tinkering with signage along Wightman Road - they are now attempting to divert traffic down Sydney Road, parallel to an A road.

Hi Nick

Sorry it has taken me a few days to reply. I was no given any advance notice of these roadworks. I got an email late on the Friday afternoon announcing they were going to happen because of the sewer. We do get a regular bulletin on upcoming works, but because this came form Thames water as an emergency project I did not have advance warning. I know this has been a huge issue locally and I have been nagging away for signage to be improved and for traffic to be evenly diverted. 

I'll just keep going!


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Traffic doesn't need to be diverted it just needs to be constrained to the intended A-roads.

I agree, Joe. 

Well we have a temporary respite. about 8.00pm this evening a firearm was discharged from a vehicle on Fairfax Road.  The police are questioning residents and the road has been shut down.  There have been fights and arguments every day between drivers in addition to  honking of horns, shouting and swearing.  I have not bothered to call the police because I cannot see how they can get here because of the gridlock. The stench of pollution is literally causing me to feel sick, it is disgusting the way the Council funnels excessive amounts of traffic through Harringay Ward disregarding the health and wellbeing of residents.  I see that I will have to take this matter further as it is always dreadful, and only gets worse when there is an issue like the water mains or an accident involving cars or cycles.

This entire situation has been appalling managed.  I suppose that many of us on the “rung” roads have now had a taste now of how dreadful these displaced volumes of traffic are, day in and day out, for those who live on Wightman Road.

By the way, I was coming back from the Royal Free Hospital by taxi yesterday late morning and the driver’s SatNav still showed the route to Warham as via Wightman Road.  The only physical indication I (and he) saw that it was a no though road was after he had started turning onto Alroy/Wightman from Endymion - too late by then.



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