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What occurred here that needed the whole junction closing off and sand al over the road (fuel spill?).

Seems *all* adjoining roads are a mess as a result as nothing is going through that junction, or was not up to around 1:30.

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i heard it was a diesel spill

Makes sense given the sand on the road, there was a lot of it (over a fairly extensive area)- question is from what? There did not seem to be any vehicle smash debris. 

i heard it was a  vehicle that was leaking  and didn't realise - not sure if it was a tanker or just from a  ordinary vehicle tank

my information source is someone living on Burgoyne - no idea how he knew, but he's someone that generally knows whats going on!

As of 19:30 nothing going through at the junction of Endymion Rd and Green Lanes.  Further up Green Lanes towards Turnpike Lane is a bit chaotic as traffic is still heading south so lots of vehicles are having to turn round.  No sign of police directing traffic.

Just home, 10pm  after walking from Lordship Rd/Brownswood pub junction when sudden announcement on 141 I was travelling on that there was a diversion. Had no idea anything had happened as was out all afternoon. Been going on quite a while then from what I read here. 

Lots of festival HGVs on those roads yesterday - I have a feeling they were towing a container of diesel for their smaller onsite vehicles and spilt it up several roads. All the side streets on Endymion are affected, as is GL. It looks like they went around the houses, parked in side streets for a bit, and then moved on to really spread the oil/diesel everywhere. 

The environmental effects of the festival are already very harsh - spilling diesel around the place takes the absolute mic. 

Thanks for that update Park. Spilling diesel is very serious issue but another one on top of all the others with the park being used as a gig venue. How many thousands of adversely people were affected for a large chunk of yesterday due Green Lanes being blocked off? This is unacceptable, very worrying.  

I happened to be walking along Endymion Road just as it was being closed yesterday, and there was a van broken down in the middle of the road with lots of attention being paid to it - wonder if this was the source of the spillage? Would make more sense than a vehicle involved in the festival if it also went up side streets etc.

(not that I’m defending the use of the park for the festivals, you understand - completely agree that the park should be for residents and not become a major event venue and site of dust, noise and pollution…!)

I got the impression the van belonged to the highway people covering the spill - Lots of people were ignoring the tape blocking the road, so there were a few vehicles parked to block roads. 

There was also plenty of cyclists on e-bikes on the pavement and a police car doing nothing to stop them. 

Clean up person told me it was vegetable oil. Not diesel. 
Many roads still closed. And clean up continues. 

Still closed 1400 Saturday (eyewitness).

TfL's traffic map removed the closure flags on Its map around 0700 Sat. Since then, they have been reinstated, see below.

The 29/141/341 bus routes didn't and don't have any diversion flags/notices, even though the closure has persisted for 24 hours now. That is poor.



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