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Just came out of the house to find someone rifling thru our dustbins - confronted the guy who was apologetic and said he was homeless. He went away with a christmas decoration he had hooked out of our rubbish. Has this happened to anyone else and should we be worried?

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I'm conflicted about that tbh. I've seen it happen and people seem to be looking for something to sell. Somehow I've never found their body language dodgy. 

If that's the only way someone can survive, I'm somewhat sympathetic. At the same time, it is an intrusion that I could do without. What I make sure I do is to shred any remotely sensitive documents.

I do stay vigilant for any behaviour that looks any further out of line.

Interested in others' thoughts.

I see it happening not that infrequently in my street.  Mostly it seems people to be after stuff they can sell or use but I have seen on a few occasions (one that I photographed and passed on the the Safer Neighbourhoods Team) the taking of documents and letters.  Having been the victim of identity theft a few years ago, and going through the nightmare of being chased for unpaid store cards I didn’t have and being summonsed for a motor vehicle accident when I don’t have a car, I always shred now!

Zena Brabazon and I were once in Vancouver on holiday. We bought cold drinks in a small store and put the empty bottles in a large waste bin outside. Walking away we saw a man opening the lid and taking out bottles. 

Later we met someone from the charity United Way. He told us we'd seen one of The Binners. Also that he was due to attend a Binners' Dinner where they thanked the people who did this collecting.

I'm not proposing we can simply duplicate the same project. But that a total rethinking about waste is essential.


P.S. Needless to say nobody in Haringey's 101 Council was the slightest bit interested in hearing about some of the things we'd seen or learned about in Vancouver.

A few years ago I saw two young lads (early 20s?) walking down the road with a shopping trolley in the evening. We were in Islington somewhere. They had a camera and were picking up cans- their trolley was pretty full. I suspect it was some sort of project for college.

It made me think though, and since then I have always picked up bottles, cans and plastic and sticking it in recycling bins as I pass. I find t incredible how much is simply dumped by people. 

As an aside, I did Park Run on Sat at Ally Pally, and on my way back from the race out of the Park I picked up two bags full of recyclables on that main road up to Ally Pally itself. I also picked up massive amounts of those silver N2O canisters. I must have picked up 50- and I was not even trying... Incredible.

In Canada you get money for bottles and cans. It’s normal practice, it has nothing to do with Bonner’s. Cubs, scouts and guides go on bottle drives to make money. I spent some of my youth doing this.  It’s very lucrative. It should be done here. Morrison’s started a programme last year where you get 50 Morrison’s points per beverage plastic bottle and can. There should be more programmes like this. 

I've seen it quite a bit. I actually have found the people who do it quite intimidating and wouldn't really have wanted to approach them. They were definitely looking for stuff that they could sell

KP - Sure people walking around digging in bins can be intimidating.

Did you have a chance to look at the video link I posted?

Yes, I realise that gives a rosy picture. But just maybe . . .

Yep it's a rosy picture. 

I don't see the local Haringey bin divers bagging up tins to take to the waste disposal.

They often drag stuff out of the bins, take what they want and leave the rest lying on the pavement.

The bin divers that frequent this road I've found to be quite tidy. In fact they cleared up the mess (open bags with hair and clothes and stuff) that my upstairs neighbours had dumped next to the bin. (they couldn't see the mess from their windows) They sorted it, took what they wanted and then re-bagged it even putting it in the bin afterwards.

It can be even more sinister than that - a neighbour had her identity stolen and the police advised it was due to documents being taken from her bin which they'd rifled through.

The one thing I've been advised to not do is put personal information on paper into a recycling bin; easy swipe for them then. Shred it first, or put it in your black bag. Or both. Might be obvious, but always worth repeating.

Been happening for years

Reason I fitted a Security light when anyone comes up to be door and bins

Which also gives off a warning buzzer. Which seems to make people / foxes not hang around

Always burn in back garden papers that might be of use to bin divers.                                                            Must admit not such a problem since we have had wellie Bins



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