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We had a meeting of the Friends of the Harringay Passage yesterday and we touched on the issue of dog poo (it came top as the top issue in the Ladder wide survey the FoHP recently carried out).

I saw a post a few weeks ago here on HoL about the fact that by April next year, micro-chipping of dogs will be mandatory.

It made me think that it would be good to also include DNA profiling of all dogs now that this technology is so easily accessible, and for this to be stored centrally and on a the micro-chip. Basically, we have an issue with dog poo, dog poo can be DNA tested to the animal producing it (and the feckless owner leaving it), indeed councils are trialing this now. If we could make fines representative of the actual cost of enforcement rather than a cost to the council then there would also be an incentive to councils to do more to rid our streets of this mess that we and our children have to wade through on a daily basis.


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James Watson and Francis Crick will be so proud. 

That's the point of science Rob, you just do not know where it will take you...


Not forgetting Rosalind Franklin

Indeed so, but who IS forgotten, largely, is the third winner of that Nobel Prize: Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin's supervisor.

In the fine BBC film 'Life Story' he was played by (almost a local, since a Crouch End resident) Alan Howard. Juliet Stevenson played Rosalind Franklin.

It just had to be Barking and Dagenham Council piloting this.

I'm sure some of it is human...

Just to mention, microchipping of dogs is a legal requirement from April this year (not from next year). Lets hope everyone gets their cats microchipped and neutered as well.

Sorry, I thought I read it as next year. Thanks for the clarification.

This from a fellow dog owning resident Gill Brown:

A sensible guide to micro chipping from the  Dogs Trust and they are also offering  do to if free. 


I think it's a great idea - interesting to see how it pans out in practise.  

I'd have thought the kind of owners who don't clean up after their dogs are also the kind who will flout the mandatory micro-chipping.  And will only be picked up if there are spot checks or if the animal needs to go to a vet.  

Yes. I think so too. Spot checks with fine commensurate with the actual costs of enforcement in order there too. Not some shabby £15 fine and a piece of paper.

Also, if dogs are chipped at birth a lot of dogs will be 'captured' as it were as most pure breed breeders are likely to be fairly reputable and follow the letter of the law etc.



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