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Clearly from the smell, that has suddenly apppeared by my kitchen doorway, there is at least one dead mouse probably behind the floor boards, as I’ve already pulled everything out and checked. I did have a rat sighting a couple of months ago outside, and put a load of poison into the hole in the wall it disappeared to

wondering what to do, as I think they are dead now, but don’t think they are accessible. So not sure getting pest control in will help. Any thoughts gladly appreciated

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The smell goes away eventually, so best just to sit tight…

Ok guess that’s the answer

It’s either pull up the boards or put up with it for while Tigha.  One died behind a kitchen base unit a few years ago and I was faced with either taking out the kitchen units or lots of air freshener for about four weeks.  Air freshener won.

Air freshener it is then


Something similar happened to us once. There was no way to get to it. I put a lot of coffee grounds and baking soda in a composting bag (not tied too tight) and dropped it in the cavity. It did a pretty decent job of absorbing the smell.

Somebody once described that smell as being a bit like marzipan. If you think of it that way, it's not so bad :)

If you can smell, I'm sorry to say that it's probably a rat.Mice tend to dry up quite quickly as there's not much to them . 

If you can locate where they are coming in fill the hole with wire wool, that is so abrasive it will prevent access...

Rather than air freshener, try leaving a lit candle near where the smell is coming from (if it's safe to). It burns off the fumes.



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