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Hi all,

Is it just me or has Wightman Road now become an absolute death trap for us cyclists with the jutty out bits that enrage car drivers who swerve into us to avoid oncoming cars...?

Thinking a cycle track on part of pavement could be an answer... We don't take up as much space as a car parking half way across the pavement as it used to be...


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The aim should be to make Green Lanes less hospitable to private car users by restricting parking. 

It would help if there was a charge for parking at Arena as well; the cost of maintenance of that facility is borne unfairly by those of us who walk, or cycle there.

This would weed out those car users who could use other modes of travel. Those who have to drive, eg delivery drivers, the disabled, residents, would find their journeys made easier by reducing parking availability, not less. That's the theory of traffic evaporation, anyway.

The problem with this is that many of the correspondents here think that would mean more traffic on "their" roads. That would be true in the short term, however people adapt, things change.

Anyway, Council's intransigence, and the English "can't do" mentality means we are stuck, like a 341 bus heading north up Green Lanes on a Saturday afternoon.

Yes the rung roads had to have speed bumps to reduce the speed. These seem to work to reduce the speed but can be unpleasant (due to the bumping) to have outside your house - and damaging to the house? Given the traffic levels on Wightman, effective speed bumps are probably not practical.

If there were a way to reduce speed and have a one-way road with wide pavements and proper cycle lane , - that could work . . .  otherwise we are back to the 'elephant in the room'.

Enforcement of 20 mile per hour limit using cameras.

I was thinking about this earlier, would work especially if they used average speed (otherwise people just break for the cameras)

I was part of the LCSP community group that sat on the 'Steering Group' as the council looked at this whole issue. Two things to note (among many):

  1. There was simply no political will try try to work out how to reduce the volumes of vehicles crossing Ladder roads. We would have preferred a one way system with a dedicated cycle lane and appropriate speed calming measures
  2. I strongly advocated on many occasions a speed camera with an average speed check. I actually suggested three cameras. One (static) at each end of Wightman and a mobile camera to be moved to the east end of various rung roads, so drivers did not get used to where the other end of the average speed check was...

I believe, though this was never said, that the council do not get to keep fines from speed cameras, and hence a massive reluctance to invest in them... However, I believe (?!) they get to keep the fines from cars turning right and caught on the camera at the bottom of Hewitt... Go figure!

That all said (and I am a cyclist too) we should wait to see how it settles down after the works are complete, appropriate markings are marked out on the road and cars are not allowed to park like this fool opposite a bollard, thereby making the road even narrower.

Don't know why I can't seem to get an image the right way up these days...

Not sure why the has started happening. Our platform hosts seems to have no end of issues with image management these days. 

They've rotated your pic for you, and explained it happens sometimes with "incorrect pictures". I now have to be thankful for small mercies and find something to laugh at for the rest. 

I would be massively in favor of that option, it would be ideal. The reason originally I preferred one way was I felt it was more likely to get support.

The one issue we're always going to have with making Wightman Road non cut though is that it would push more Traffic onto Green Lanes which struggles already due to parking mainly.

I guess at the end looking at Wightman only is never going to come up with a best solution as the traffic needs to be looked at a wider area.




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