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I am happy to say that the arrangements for vaccination against Covid-19 appear to be well organised and efficient. My GP practice telephoned me on Thursday 14th at 3pm to ask whether I would like to be vaccinated. I agreed at once and agreed that Sunday 17th would be OK for me. Two minutes later a text arrived saying an appointment had been made for 13.45 on Sunday 17th at Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre.

I went there today and found a very well organised set up. I was given a numbered ticket on entry. At least three receptionists were signing people in to a well spaced out waiting area.  By 13.45 I was sitting, waiting for my number to be called.  Within ten minutes I was in one of the four vaccination rooms. The deed was done and I was asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving (to be sure of no adverse reaction). There were none although my arm is now slightly sore.  I was given a card with details of the vaccine and date and I was told that in about six weeks, I would be called by telephone for a second jab.

All the patients arriving were at least 75 (like me) and many were a lot older. Some walked only with difficulty, some came as couples, some needed a carer, some had poor eyesight, some spoke poor English, some were flustered. The great thing about the set up was that it had the space and people to ensure that none of the delays and hesitations that come with this territory, caused the pace of vaccinations to run slow. It had clearly been designed by people who knew exactly how to handle such a diverse bunch of people and the whole thing ran like sensitive clockwork.

In my case, it also relied on a GP practice with up to date records and which made the effort to telephone. The government website talks about receiving a letter and making your own booking online.Perhaps that would work too, but it is good to know that GPs don’t have to rely on snail mail. Knowing that priority was being given to over 80s and then to 75s, I would probably have nudged my GP next week if I had heard nothing. Happy to say that no nudge was needed. I left home at 13.15 and would have been back home by 14.30 if I hadn’t popped into a shop on the way. This a case for congratulations to all those involved.

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Thats really good to know and congratulations to you too Dick. I'm more than happy to have the vaccine and hope to hear sometime soon.

My husband had his vaccination at Lordship Lane two weeks ago and like you had an excellent experience and zero side effects.

Congratulations, nice to hear of your good experience and to see some light appearing at the end of what has been an awfully long tunnel. 

Got a text this morning. Went online and got a appointment for this Sunday. At Lordship lane Centre.

Great to hear Dick. I like a good news story! 

Very glad to hear things are running well at the Lordship Lane vaccination centre. I had  phone call from my GP practice, who gave me an appointment there for Saturday 23 January, which they confirmed by text message. So it does look as if the GPs are really on top of this. Thank goodness for the NHS!

That's wonderful to hear.  I've put my name down to volunteer at Lordship Lane. Though a friend's volunteer shift was cancelled as they had run out of vaccine.

A friend was volunteering at the Whittington and the opposite happened - they ran out of people to vaccinate but still had some vaccines left, so they offered them to the volunteers.

Sounds encouraging, Dick! May I ask which it vaccine was, Pfizer or AstraZenica? And was there any discussion about leaving a long gap between the first and second shot, which remains my slight concern?

I was given the Pfizer vaccine and was told that they would telephone me in 6 weeks to arrange the second jab.

Yes I am worried about this too Peter. Just heard reports from Israel saying first dose of Pfizer not as effective as they thought. I really think they shouldn't be leaving long gaps between doses. There's not much point in going through all of this if people are not going to be properly protected

Lucky you. I am 78, clinically highly vulnerable and have heard nothing here in Essex! They are about one third through the 80 plus so far. Total shambles. 



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