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Council officers recommend St Ann's and Bruce Grove LTNs get green light

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This is something I have posted about on several occasions. Many people on Harringayonline (HOL) use abbreviations with which I am not familiar. It often seems to me that they are saying " if you don't know what this is you're not in my select elitist club " 

I do find it offensive that you say that I need to wake up and pay attention. I left school some years ago, thank you very much.

Your comments do not match the report produced by Haringey which give the results of the consultation and I suggest you read it. The majority who completed the consultation do not agree with the proposed LTN as they stand. 
As far as your comments that they need to wake up and pay attention is pathetic and how dare you suggest this. Who are you to make such a comment. One thing you are correct is that there is no point discussing this further with you as you appear to show no concern or consideration for others but yourself and your views..end of 

the proposal recently published differs from that presented at Zoom consultation meetings in May, in a way which is very important. 

I sent an immediate and urgent email to Councillor Mike Hakata, the lead on this.  He has not replied.

I took screen shots of the map they presented on Zoom.  Probably the only reason I understood the proposals as well as I did. some of my most articulate and active neighbours are baffled as to what the proposals mean.  It’s shameful the Council didn’t circulate paper proposals to residents affected. And it’s shameful they don’t reply to residents enquiries.

In my written feedback to the LTN I commented that whilst I supported the LTN, it was on the exact basis of what they presented.  I urged all my neighbours to do the same.  

I KNEW they would change it, they did last time traffic calming was proposed. And they have.  If anyone on here kknows Councillor Hakata please would you tell him to answer his urgent emails.  If anyone has a contact number for the consultants who led the Focus groups, please can you pass it to me?

Gina, could you explain what has changed? Thanks.

Ok.  This very specific to my street, which is a designated Cycle Superhighway, but the point is everyone needs to look closely in their own area.

i live in Broadwater Road in a zone which includes the Broadwater Farm Estate (BFE) where about 4,500 people live.

The LTN closes all routes out of BFE except one -which runs down the CS1 and is also a bus route, and has no  right turn into Lordship Lane (so to go towards Northumberland Park, IKEA, Stansted etc You would have to go right around a mini-roundabout, definitely a dangerous manoeuvre, and back the other way.  Loads of cars will do This. There will be accidents.

The map displayed during the consultation meeting showed a reversal of traffic direction in a parrallel road, Lordsmead Road.  Because you can turn Right into Lordship Lane at the end of that Road, this would have filtered out some of the extra traffic. 

The final published plan shows Lordsmead Road reversal from only halfway down.  This means all of the exiting traffic will use the CS1, already a bus route.  And 50% of them are likely to be headed East, so spin round a mini-roundabout causing accidents. This is a crazy piece of traffic planning.  Maybe I have got this wrong, but nobody is replying at the council.  

If I have misunderstood, I would be grateful to be corrected!

Looking at the original proposals they haven't necessarily changed it, it just wasn't very clear.

The reversal arrow was only on the top half of the road so maybe the intention was always to leave the other half of the road (and Linley Rd) as they are. Not at all clear without the one way arrows though.

I'd agree though that it doesn't seem a good design, although I guess it is a larger than average mini roundabout so going round wouldn't be too bad (but I can imagine drivers anticipating that cars will be turning right rather than going all the way round and pulling out). Have you tried contacting https://twitter.com/BGWG_Streets Healthy Streets Bruce Grove & West Green, they may be able to cast some more light on it.

I can't quite get my head around this, Gina. Which road is CS1? 

CS1 is a (not very good) cycle lane that goes along Broadwater Rd


Out of interest Gina, has it got busier along Broadwater road since the LTN came in? Was walking up there the other day and didn't seem too bad, but notice from the latest plan that Broadwater Road is the main route out of the Broadwater Farm and surrounding streets LTN.

I use CS1 north every now and then too so interested to know how it's been.

Also just realised this thread's quite old now, but was just googling about the ltns online and found it, hey ho, happy Christmas. 

We all know where this displaced traffic is going to go, don't we? Straight up the Ladder roads.

Well no, I am nowhere near the ladder.

I don't think so, Rory. The traffic going West-East is going to use West Green Road and St Ann's (which is generally not that busy). The traffic going North-South will cut through Tottenham High Road, or may use Green Lanes (the only bit of the "ladder" likely to be affected), except that is often so congested that Tottenham High Road is more likely. I'm not sure that the Ladder Roads will be adversely affected. I know the traffic there can be a bit difficult anyway, as there are so many car owners there are usually cars parked on both sides of the road, with only room for one vehicle to drive up the middle. The Ladder Roads are not a good place to live if you have to drive a car.



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