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Following the historic decision yesterday by the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party, Cllr Claire Kober has No Mandate at all for continuing with the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) proposal. 
Labour Councillors must be free to vote against the HDV at Haringey Council's Extraordinary Meeting in two week's time.
London Borough of Haringey: Extraordinary Full Council
Wednesday, 7th February, 2018 7.30 pm
Motion F: Haringey Development Vehicle
Proposer: Cllr Engert
Seconder: Cllr Morris
This Council notes the recent collapse of Carillion PLC and its impact on the current housing regeneration scheme in Sunderland and the risk this poses to Sunderland City Council and local taxpayers.
Further notes the similarities the situation in Sunderland has with the joint venture with a large private company in Haringey through the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).
This Council believes:
 Investment is required to improve the borough’s council housing estate
 The HDV scheme, as currently proposed, is too large and the risks, too great to continue
 Any new regeneration scheme needs to protect tenants, leaseholders and local businesses and put them at its heart
 All councillors should have a free public vote on their views on the future of the HDV
 The recent comments from the Member of Parliament for Tottenham saying
“Even more reason to pause HDV in Haringey before signing up to a joint venture with large private company.”
This Council resolves:
 To stop the current plans to dispose of any Council assets through the HDV
 To carry out further assessments of funding available to regenerate Council homes in the borough
 For officers to report back to Full Council in the summer with new options.

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This is an embarrassing post. Labours NEC has nothing to do with harringay council. The idea that they change anything is either stupidity or wilful lying 

A very positive motion. The HDV is another albatross around the neck of our people, along with PFI, privatisation of the NHS, HS2, and Hinckley Point. The pendulum is swinging back and Jeremy Corbyns Labour Party is slowly but surely becoming the People's Party is was meant to be... 


Whats wrong with improving rail links?

It will cost £40-70billion and relocate an existing line, destroy huge swathes of countryside, lose 1000s of jobs, destroy Camden Town for years, at a time when our railway infrastructure is desperately in need of that funding to upgrade it to modern standards..  

Lose 1000s of jobs? The opposite is true for many parts of the country. I really don’t buy the line about destroying countryside either. Seems a Luddite approach. You can also invest in more than one project at once.

If the goal is improving rail capacity, then a high-speed line is not the answer.  Remember your Highway Code: the faster the vehicle, the greater the stopping distance; and the greater the stopping distance, the greater the gaps between each vehicle must be.  So with trains: the higher their individual speed, the fewer can be run on the same line -- which means that a high-speed actually reduces rail capacity.  Improving same thus requires the construction of more ordinary-speed lines, fully electrified and with improved signalling -- especially between cities and towns in the Midlands and the North (which HS2 will simply starve of money).

Pathway intervals on HS1 and french HSLines is a train every 3 minutes for line speeds of up to 300 kph! In the Eurotunnel are the same but with slower speeds. The wonders of modern automatic signalling hey!

As long as they're all running at the same speed, whatever speed.....

Ditto 40/50/60 mph average speed cameras on motorways to optimise capacity.

I wish people wouldn't use obscure abbreviations. MML ? WCML ?


Starting with HDV this reached the off-topic MML and WCML by way of NEC, PFI, NHS and HS2. Off-topic would be my complaint rather than alphabet soup. WIBN to have all of these engraved in our brains. If not, Wikipedia is your friend.

[WIBN? Often used, usually ironically, in discussing public spending - Wouldn't It Be Nice.]

but where will the funding come from to improve housing estate and provide more housing?



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