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Can someone point me in the direction of any positives so far from Brexit?

I'm hoping it will take my mind off thinking about unleaded and floppy carrots. 

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I am all for Imperial measurements!

So who can remember the relationship between the following... twip, thou, barleycorn, inch, hand, foot, yard, chain, furlong, mile and league. Not to mention pole, perch, rod and links.

And who can still recite the table of weights between dram, ounce, pound, stone, quarter, hundredweight, and ton.

Bring back the twips and furlongs I say !!! 

I’m a shocked that weights are not being correctly referred to as the Avoirdupois system.

I was going to correct myself but thought that it would be showing off!

I like that a system of weights for English speaking countries has a French name.

Furlongs (above) - like pints, furlongs have never gone away - course length in horse racing. Nor has the chain of 22 yards - the length of a cricket pitch.

'Thou' I've used, never came across 'twips' until now. Barleycorns, rod pole and perch and so on were only known to me via the 'Weights & Measures' table printed on the back cover of school exercise books. Must have been a few boring lessons that sent me there...

Well..."Dieu et mon droit" the very French language motto on your Queen's coat of arms, is very legibly printed on ALL of your very blue (made in the EU!)  passports.

It is called taking back control...n'est-ce-pas?

May I also add that my Alsatian Grand'maman (someone mentioned grannies - both my grandparents were born German but became French via the Treaty of Versailles) would often buy "une livre de X ( a pound of X)" when she wanted only half kilo of something. I too when I lived in Paris could do that at the market. I'll try it the next time I am there and shopping at a market stall.

One of my other countries, Trindad ditched the Avoir Du Poids system in the late 70's but people there also have converted the lb into 500gms! Why are you using a Latin abbrevaition for pound and not English?

Incidentally, Trindad also ditched the British Queen as Head of State thus becoming a republic and taking back control in 1976!

Ben, I think you’ll find that my comment about the crown mark on pint mugs (and imperial measures) wasn’t entirely adulatory....

We no longer have to be nice to M. Macron 

Blue passports.. imported...

You may want to look at this video by Adam Posen and prepare for getting poorer as a country.


Pay particular attention to the last part and what is said about the effect of "gravity".

There is no doubt that some people, when they voted "out", knew exactly what they were doing but don't realise exactly what the consequences of their actions will be on following generations - becoming poorer as a country!

The English will have have inflicted such self harm upon their country to an extent where they are stripping themselves of a competitive advantage built up over centuries of conquest, domination and exploitation of their colonies and of an ideal "best of both worlds" EU membership.

You are now going to spend billions of tax £ on recreating agencies whose financing and role was shared with EU states and by the way where UK citizens had much influence (UK soft power). Thes ealso created synergy and improved productivity. Instead of paying more into the NHS and infarstructure the £ will be wasted on duplictaino becasue you will still have to follow some one elses norms and standards. You will have lost sovereignty. The latest AUKUS deal is  a case in point = Uk poodle to USA since the UK uses US technology for its nuke subs.

Given the priorities of the politicains in charge at the moment (especially the liar Pied Piper PM and his pickupside of psycophants), I don't see any real hope of the serious levelling up that is needed, taking place to make up for the huge knock back that Brexit is causing.

This polity is just NOT South Korea nor Singapore to be able to hoist itself out of the hole is going to fall into. Joining the EU was  what pulled the country out of such a hole it in the post war 1970s.

"Gravity"...yes deny it at your peril!

Perhaps they're taking Granny's advice: "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all".

I can’t lay hands on it at the moment, but I think impartial Brexit voting analysis showed that the key determinants were educational level and urban/rural residence, not age. And, anyway, there must be a fair few grannies by now who’ve been educated to degree or post-grad level, so may not fit the generally-accepted cliche that “the young” voted remain and “older” people voted leave.



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