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Can someone point me in the direction of any positives so far from Brexit?

I'm hoping it will take my mind off thinking about unleaded and floppy carrots. 

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Beer mugs will now have a crown symbol on them to guarantee the measure rather than the EU's "CE" symbol. It'll be legal to sell goods in imperial measures instead of metric ones. Hooray.

Massive Brexit benefits that will, of course, undoubtedly compensate us so richly for the cultural and intellectual isolation from all those nasty foreigners in EU countries in science, arts, education and industry that's such a thrill to Little Englanders, alongside the appalling loss of staff in the NHS, care sector, hospitality, travel, haulage industry and fruit and vegetable cultivation. Because - obviously - no Brexit-supporting member of government could even imagine why there might be any need to invest in/ recruit/ train/ employ/ pay decent wages to anyone else to do the jobs EU citizens used to do.

Time for a (non-EU) pint from a British beer mug at Wetherspoons!

Actually it's always been legal to sell beer in pints.... obviously since we always have!

Exactly. Also the imperial system is such an utter tragedy. 15 years in the UK and 4 in the US and it bugs me to no end. 

And even the stuff about the EU forcing us to give up imperial measures is actually not true - the UK government formally endorsed metrication in 1965. Which is why even people born in the 1960s like me - were only taught metric in school. 

But beer has always been sold in pints 

I moved from Paris to London in 1994 and have ALWAYS bought beer in pints. No one as any problems with that. You can even buy beer in pints in places on the continent....!

PS: As I half ex-British colonial, half EU citizen, I can tell you that your ex colonies don't give 2 hoots about Imperial measures! I had these on the back of my copybook as a child and always thought "who the f..k came up with these?"

So whoever wants to can stick wIth them and be LEFT BEHIND!

If you want to pay twice to have to label goods twice and handicap your businesses economically, then go ahead and spend the extra £££. The rest of the world (except the US, but even then....!) wants its goods labelled in metric.

Pure nostalgic irrationality....

I am all for Imperial measurements!

So who can remember the relationship between the following... twip, thou, barleycorn, inch, hand, foot, yard, chain, furlong, mile and league. Not to mention pole, perch, rod and links.

And who can still recite the table of weights between dram, ounce, pound, stone, quarter, hundredweight, and ton.

Bring back the twips and furlongs I say !!! 

I’m a shocked that weights are not being correctly referred to as the Avoirdupois system.

I was going to correct myself but thought that it would be showing off!

I like that a system of weights for English speaking countries has a French name.

Furlongs (above) - like pints, furlongs have never gone away - course length in horse racing. Nor has the chain of 22 yards - the length of a cricket pitch.

'Thou' I've used, never came across 'twips' until now. Barleycorns, rod pole and perch and so on were only known to me via the 'Weights & Measures' table printed on the back cover of school exercise books. Must have been a few boring lessons that sent me there...

Well..."Dieu et mon droit" the very French language motto on your Queen's coat of arms, is very legibly printed on ALL of your very blue (made in the EU!)  passports.

It is called taking back control...n'est-ce-pas?

May I also add that my Alsatian Grand'maman (someone mentioned grannies - both my grandparents were born German but became French via the Treaty of Versailles) would often buy "une livre de X ( a pound of X)" when she wanted only half kilo of something. I too when I lived in Paris could do that at the market. I'll try it the next time I am there and shopping at a market stall.

One of my other countries, Trindad ditched the Avoir Du Poids system in the late 70's but people there also have converted the lb into 500gms! Why are you using a Latin abbrevaition for pound and not English?

Incidentally, Trindad also ditched the British Queen as Head of State thus becoming a republic and taking back control in 1976!



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