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Can someone point me in the direction of any positives so far from Brexit?

I'm hoping it will take my mind off thinking about unleaded and floppy carrots. 

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Let me guess. Other than people suffering age and disability discrimination, I'd say people with insufficient skills who were never trained up because employers thought they would always be able to rely on (often pre-trained) cheap foreign labour?

Not being part of the EU meant that Britain was able to move swiftly re. procurement and rollout of Covid vaccine. Had we been subject to Ursuala Von Der Leyen's 'one size fits all' policy where no member state of the EU was permitted to source vaccine independently our programme would have been delayed by 3 months at the very least. Britain's ability to move swiftly in this way led the German newspaper Das Bild to put on its front page:

'Britain - we envy you.'

How's that for starters? 

Actualy I don't think that's correct - we would have been under pressure to join the EU procurement scheme, but not obligated.

Confirmed by this explanation from the BBC, in March 2021. 


This is vaccination data from the FT states that the UK is below Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Belgium https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker/?areas=gbr&areas=...

Actually the https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations puts the UK behind Portugal, Spain, Denmark, (Norway), Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, France and Belgium as at 30th Sept. That's for 1st and 2nd doses. The UK is at 72% the EU as a whole at 67% !

Isn't that what I said? 

Yes indeed. I am just being very pendantic as there 8 EU countries in my list and only 6 in yours!

We agree!

The UK is no 11 of 48 European countries in total cases per million people and

15/48 in deaths per milion. It has the highest number of active cases out of those 48 countries.

What a success! The country believes the lies and the media is VERY complacent.

That'll be the FT for you... 

That's fair. I have been staunchly anti-Brexit but that was one bit of silver lining for sure. 

Agreed, but I'm not convinced it was due to whether or not we were in the EU. That said, I'm happy to be proven wrong. 

Entirely facetious. Our ability to source vaccines never had anything to do with the EU. It's not a benefit of Brexit at all. Unless you also want to claim that being behind other EU states on vaccinations is also a brexit benefit?



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