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Box junctions being painted at Ladder roads junctions with Green Lanes

Two at least so far, at Umfreville and Burgoyne roads, spotted this very early morning. 

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This is good as it will reduce the build up of motorists on the ladder roads trying to get onto green lanes. 

And not before time. Not the tidiest of jobs but let's hope it makes a difference. There are also signs up advertising which businesses are still "open for business" on Wightman Road. I was still a bit blurry eyed and couldn't make out a thing. Certainly no one will be able to see it from a car...
Ah brilliant, I hope they include the cross-roads of GL, west green road & Frobrisher. It's been so bad trying to get out of west green road since the wightman closure. The drivers on GL now seem so frustrated they're siting in the middle of junctions and accross pedestrian crossings meaning other cars & pedestrians can't cross when the lights are green.

I    think    these are temporary and only at unregulated junctions as part of the Wightman Road closure Traffic Order.

Would a permanent (presumably) new box junction at your traffic-light controlled crossroads be possible under that Order, I wonder - more likely a new Order would be needed is my guess.

Abi. There is a traffic stakeholder meeting next week, I will flag this with the officers then!

Has anyone taken into consideration the difficulty imposed onto drivers. If a car wanted to turn right, cars from the right and left would have to give way, this is un likely and I could see traffic in fact increasing and make it more difficult that it already is. Does anyone know why thr Gardens don't have box junctions too?

I'm not sure I understand your thinking.  How can having a box junction make it more difficult to exit a side road than not having one?

Not sure I understand your reply Antoinette. How can a box junction not make it harder for drivers to enter from a side road?

Yellow boxes are sections of road you are prohibited from entering unless your exit is clear. Since traffic on Green Lanes is frequently so heavy that there is a need to emerge slowly and wait for the traffic to move so you can complete your turn it is going to be very difficult for drivers to leave ladder roads at peak times without risking a fine (assuming there will be enforcement).
I'm not a driver but I thought that all traffic was prohibited from entering a box junction unless their exit was clear, so this would apply to drivers going north/south on GL as well as coming in to GL from a side street.

" You must not enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right "

No, I'm not sure what that means either.

You can occupy a box junction legally only if your exit is impeded by opposite-direction traffic (e.g. from the Gardens at most Ladder road junctions).

Pulling out halfway, into a gap in northbound traffic, while you wait for a gap in southbound traffic before completing the right turn, is not legal - although the likelihood of Haringey's camera cars enforcing it is pretty low I'd say.  The alternative is to turn left, then do a circuit round the Gardens (puts on tin hat).

But wouldn't there be a risk of you getting stuck on the box when turning left also?



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