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Boiler pressure dropping regularly - looking for reliable/fair priced repairman

Hi there,

I take the view that the lovely bunch of people that use this website are a better source of advice than a generic trader website... so I'm hoping someone can assist me in finding someone to mend my boiler issue.

The boiler pressure keeps dropping regularly, and I'm rather hoping there's a local wiz who is trusted and fair priced. 

Thanks so much for your time and any help

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Like quite a lot of people on here I have had good experiences with A and P Gas - they used to be based on Green Lanes here in Harringay


You may find the chap brings a bike pump with him to solve that very quickly . .  ;{we had the same problem a couple of months ago).

Aye, it could just be the expansion vessel. Either way, I'm not prepared to go into the guts of the machine as I'm not qualified. 

Will give them a call, thanks so much for the suggestion. 

EDIT: Sadly they can't get anyone out til Monday. 

Sorry about that  . . .

I wouldn't mess with it either!

Another thing worth checking for is whether you have any leaks from any of your radiators. Ours was dropping regularly - turned out one of the kids had been using the radiator as a jumping platform, loosening one of the nuts, causing a leak and dousing the carpet (which is another story) but tightening the nut stopped the leak and solved the pressue problem... 

Can't see any obvious leaks, and rather hoping it isn't peeing into the downstairs neighbours house (though he's not mentioned anything to me)

You probably wouldn't even notice the leak if it is dropping slowly. Turn off different radiators for a while until you find the culprit.

Same thing happened to me was the expansion vessel. Was a fairly quick fix. Luckily I had a plumber friend do mine but he’s not local unfortunately 

We've an independent plumber in our street who's excellent. if you still need someone I'll check with him tomorrow if its okay to give you his details, let me know.

N4 Gas are the cat's whiskers.

Had a quick chat with my chap and he's happy for his name and number to be posted here. Mobile is 078 3163 4508, it's Allen and firm name is Fast Fix. Highly recommended.

Proceed with caution on this one. Allen eventually fixed our boiler (seemed a bit inexperienced) but after an annual boiler check with another company it turns out he’d left things in a bit of a mess which I now have to pay someone else to sort as no response via phone or email. 



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