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Sad news.

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Such a shame for the community to lose the shop but I'm glad they're continuing the business online.
Cobblers! They stand a chance on eatery streets I mean high streets

Keats Pereira, have you ever visited the BGB or bought one of their books?

No. Very rarely I buy a new book. Though I bought one a few days ago. "The spurs shirt" good read.  I normally get my books from charity shops.  

... online ... moving out of London ... as Simon says, things change

So sorry to hear this. BGBS has been so much more than a bookshop. It’s been a community hub. Tim and Simon put their hearts into the business. Wishing them both all the best

This is so sad. Yes, it is a bookshop but it's much more than that. My children and I have been visiting the kids reading session for three years which they love. We'll miss both Tim and Simon and wish them well in the online world. A real loss for the area. 

Simon is making a good move for his family. Who wouldn’t want to live by the sea with young children, but he will be missed. Tim is hoping to give us exciting news next week and I’m looking forward to seeing what his exciting new project is. It sounds as if it will certainly nvolve books plus lots more

Hat tip to Noelparknet - update on Big Green Book Shop

A great loss to the community. Simon and Tim, wishing you well in your semi-retirements! Thanks for all the books, conversations and vibes. Good luck to you and yours.

Tim is trying to set up a cooperative to open a new bookshop in Wood Green. Anyone interested in being part of it can email on wgbookshopproject@hotmail.com

Hi guys,

Sorry to spam, but we're really trying to get publicity going for the new co-operative successor to the BGB. Here's the thread:




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