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Well the nights are drawing in. Are your street lights coming on?

One of the lights on Warham got fixed recently but the other, arguably the more urgent one, by the Harringay Passage remains dark. 

What about on your street? 

Tell us below if there are lights off in your road, the location or lamp number (a little plaque on the light) and how long its been off in the comments below. 

Might be time to get some answers from the council about what is going wrong but it would be helpful to have some concrete examples to share with them.

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I was in Finsbury Park the other evening about 4:45 and not a single light was on I saw to guys in a car on their phones (Security) and they told me it was "...a Haringey issue, they are getting it fixed".

I figured it would be ok going through the park at that time, with folks coming from work etc, but honestly, I could not see my hand in front of my face at points. Its a wonder we have not heard of a mugging spree.

Not sure it has been fixed, but this has reminded me to report it if not.

The defective light I reported in my road was fixed last week - just over a year after I first reported it. I also got an email to tell me it had been done.

Reported MB9B on Malvern Road as permanently lit on 18th August. Fixed on 24th October...

The light I reported in August RG10R is still off.

The reports are regularly closed claiming to be fixed. It has never been fixed.

There was a scrutiny panel to asses the issue. The CMS ( central reporting system) contractor and the maintenance contractor had until November to resolve the conflicts between their two systems. 

I wrote again to them last week to ask what contingency plan was in place now that we had reached the deadline and the issue was not resolved. I have, not surprisingly, heard nothing back. I also asked when the next scrutiny panel was. Also no response.

I don't know who to contact who might be on a higher position to see have some influence.

KTwok, you asked for suggestions about the best point of contact.

Judging by the last Scrutiny Committee meeting it looked to me that your best bet would be to email Mark Stevens Assistant Director.  I listened to the [embarrassingly poor quality] recording. and got the impression  he was both frank and genuinely embarrassed by street lighting standards of maintenance and response to residents. Also that Mr Stevens was determined to do something about it.

That's my suggested immediate plan A.
Plan B - you may have done this already - would be to have an off-line chat with Liz Ixer and (if Liz has time) discuss tactics about a shortlist of non-functioning street lights that worry you most.

We all need to remember The Baker Street Irregulars in a couple of Sherlock Holmes stories. As well as being intelligence agents and Ladder Irregulars, you are voters.

I've had to file a repair request for the non functioning street lamp at the Harringay Passage/Warham Road three times.  The first time I was informed it was fixed but it wasn't working. The second time it worked for a day or two.  So I raised it again for a third time over this past weekend.

The next lamp down towards Green Lanes on Warham Road I was also informed had been repaired but wasn't working. So I refiled the repair request. It is now working and seems in order. We'll see.

It would be nice to know what was successful. I mean really successful. What worked to fix a street light. Not just a pretend fix reported by an expensive malfunctioning computer system.

The light I reported as faulty in August has finally been repaired this week! It took a fair amount on persistence of re-reporting every time they closed it as repaired but it is now working.

I did not find out if there was a further Scrutiny Panel to follow up on the situation now we had reached the deadline when issues should have been resolved. Hopefully the repair on my road and the others mentioned in this thread is a sign that they are finally working through the back log of issues. Hopefully...



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