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I got my leaflet today stating that from October you have to pay £75 a year for garden waste collection. Further bulk collections will cost £25 for 4 items then £10 per item. If the dustman break your wheelie bin or you don't have one you have to pay £30.

I rang Haringey who transferred me to veola. Veola say it's Haringey council who decided they need to save 20 million for social care.

I am disgusted. I have lived in this borough for 53 years and all this is going to do is make people dump rubbish in the streets in a borough that has the worst fly tipping in England.

As far as saving money for social care, already the council tax bill went up to cover this. Haringey council should stop wasting money on other things.

I for one will not pay £75 and I suggest Haringey think again..

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This afternoon in West Green ward. Just south of Philip Lane. No bin, no bag, just out on the pavement! And the charges aren't even in place yet! Voila!

Will sign and have shared on Railway Cottages Facebook forum and Ally Pally neighbours.

Haringey's councillors know full well that in large parts of the borough Haringey is losing the battle against littering and dumping. Or would know if they actually opened their emails; or walked around their wards or other parts of the borough, with their eyes open;

To be fair, I've never actually walked along the road in Muswell Hill where Claire Kober lives. So maybe they're winning the good fight up there?

Meanwhile, here's an email which Tottenham Hale councillor Lorna Reith sent to people on her residents' email list. It's about one of our small local parks - Hartington - being littered and dumped even before the new charges and changes kick-in.

From: Cllr Reith Lorna [mailto:Lorna.Reith@haringey.gov.uk]
Sent: 19 July 2017 10:26
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Hartington Park - update

Dear resident

Following my email a few days ago about the dreadful state of Hartington Park I am pleased to report that both the Cabinet  Member, Cllr Ahmet, and the Parks Manager came to see for themselves and agreed that the standards were not acceptable.  The park will now have a daily visit from the Hygiene team and Enforcement Officers have been asked to undertake further investigation around some of the nearest properties where it appears residents may be dumping waste in the park. If you do see any drop in standards please let me or one of my fellow ward councillors know.



Councillor Lorna Reith (Labour)
Chief Whip
Tottenham Hale ward

Well done Lorna for getting action on this. I do wish the Hygiene Team would make a visit here. As well as getting rid of the food waste on Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane they might also like to deal with the piles human excrement and used toilet paper one of the "A Rubbish Day in Harringay" photographers found on a recent walk to the Turnpike Lane post office.

The problem is unfortunately as accurately described by JJ Best. 
First, Veolia truck staff know regular fly tipping spots. Second, Haringey/Haringey Veolia:
"go around fighting forest fires with garden hoses and blaming the lack of money."

As you'll know, Michael, balancing a budget with a line item for increased income can be a fiction. I've already suggested that having backlogs can generate higher costs if staff have to record and respond to duplicated demands for the same service. e.g. 'Please clean the park'.

Yes, the income stream predictions seem completely unreasonable. If they are basing the ncome, for example, by multiplying the number of bins replaced over a recent historic period by the new charge, they are in for a shock as not everyone missing a bin will or will be able to pay for a new one. I also can't see factored in the extra cost of dealing with the increase in dumping that will inevitably occur. I bet a thruppeny bit that next year they will have to bring in further cuts as the budget won't balance.

I suspect the income projections are fictional. They have to make the budget balance so income targets go in. I have asked for this all to be monitored - I am told that of course it will be. I think it will all be clear within a few months which should give an indication of what Plan B should be.

I met the new Enforcement Manager, David Shipp,  who covers Harringay ward this morning. I told him about the huge concern people have about waste and the local environment. he told me about the work they have been doing, issuing fixed penal notices all over the place and dealing with dumped waste by businesses, the HMOs and by individuals. It is clear they are working really hard, but as we ll know it is a huge battle with diminished resources.  I have suggested to Ian Sygrave from the Ladder Community Safety Partnership that we hold a big meeting in September with all the services about all th environmental issues which are being discussed here.  The LCSP had also thought about this so hopefully it will happen.

Meanwhile I have suggested to David  that he joins HoL if only to report regularly on the work being done, notices issued etc. Of course, this is not as simple as it seems! Apparently officers have to go through the Council's communications department. I leave  it there.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward

Sometimes viola cause the problem..everyday the viola bin men empty the street bins and pile them in one place so a truck then comes to collect. People see the purple bags and then come dump other rubbish. I have contacted Haringey and viola so many times and given them photos but it carries on..I think bring back in house rather then contracting out and maybe they will then stop blaming each other. Even these new changes I phoned Haringey they sent me to viola, viola sent me back to Haringey and Haringey back to viola. It's a joke!

Shortly after midnight last night I reported a commercial freezer in an alleyway just off High Road Tottenham.
This produced an email response from Veolia at 00:36 this morning (19 July 2017).
It said: "We will respond to your enquiry within two working days."
I assume a machine reply. Haringey Automatic Logging.
More relevant to this discussion thread, HAL added information about the new charges and other changes.

So consultation/petitions/discussion/rethinking?
"I'm sorry Dave I can't do that."

As I looked out of my window this morning in N22, I saw some men with a truck looking in gardens and collecting wheelie bins on the back of a flatbed lorry. I couldn't go out to ask what was going on as I was in the process of getting dressed for work.

Does anyone know what they were doing? At first I thought they might be rounding up broken bins ahead of the charge for replacement, but two of my three are wrecked and they were left in place. Maybe taking away duplicates?



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