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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Goodness gracious, the Planning Inspector has finally come down on the residents' side and Agora's 24 hour bid has been rejected.

See attached.

Can I even sense very cautious reason for optimism in his reasoning that this might help our objection re the Nationwide premises?

No doubt our thanks is due to the LCSP and Mario Petrou for their work on objecting to this as well as to all residents who objected.

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What brilliant news
Thank you Mr Paul Dobsen (Inspector). You are my Hero of the Week! or maybe even the Year!
Fantastic!! Great news.
Things are looking up! We can win so lets keep pushing pens and sending in those letters folks.
Yes that is excellent - as you say Hugh there seem to be some cautious grounds for optimism about the Nationwide issue. If only that nice Mr Dobson was involved in that one as well!

And yes, Mr Lammy has just replied over at the other campaign.

Well done everyone.
well done!!!
What was it Agora said to us when we sat opposite them in the civic centre at the first of the planning / licencing hearings?

Oh yes, "Don't worry, we always win on appeal"

Well not this time Agora!

Well done everybody! And well done Stuart Cooke & his team in the LBH planning dept. who led the team at the hearing on November 24th.
This is indeed fantastic news. Is this the first of many joint community triumphs? lets hope so. Well done to all who battled so hard.
(Not the first Birdy. We had the traffic re-routing success and many little ones around planning - conversions etc. So, slowly slowly..............)
Badly worded Hugh, I meant regarding the Betting Shops and AGC.



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