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So, I am getting the kids from Fairlands after tennis yesterday noticing an unusually large amount of dog crap in the passage when I spots a stocky black pit bull type dog with no collar on gaily skipping out of the passage from Seymour to Hewitt and I spot a fresh pile of crap steaming gently away in the cool early winters morning air.

The dog saunters across the road (Seymour) and jogs up a few houses, pauses and hops into an open door.

I am afraid I could not let it lie, so I walked up to the house and picked the first of the 4 buzzers on the door and a guy comes to the door. "Does anyone own a black dog here?" I says. "Yes" comes the response. "Is it yours?" I press. "Yes" he says. "Well he has just done crap in the passage way...". A pause to let the silence hurt a bit. "Oh, yes, he just escaped... Better clean it up." and off he wombles to get a bag.

To his credit, he was not aggressive, the conversation was very civil, and he cleaned it up.

What was apparent (and there is a bit of superstition on my part here) is the dog was shooed out as he could not be arsed to take it for a walk and clean up after it. The door  was left open waiting for the dog to return, with no care of what the dog did while out...

The guy knew he had been fingered, and dealt with it. I wonder if he will think again next time and deal with his dog's mess a bit more considerately???

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Well done. Have just emailed you!

Always glad to hear about someone else prepared to be 'that person' . Thanks for sharing. 

Yes, my wife worries I am going to be knifed one day, but until more people stand up and say no, nothing will change. It must be something about my Northern genes... Gobby!

Well done Justin! You're made from no nonsense stock, lad! :-)
Well done! I would have done the same and probably wouldn't have been so nice about it.

I saw someone letting their dog crap on Endymion Rd the other week and told him to pick it up. Said he didn't have a bag with him so I got one of my spare carrier bags out of my handbag and gave it to him and stood there while he did it. He probably walked on and chucked it in someone's front garden but maybe it will make him think in future.

I think you're right about the Northern genes!

Well done! There's a guy I see with a pit bull who lives on one of the roads near Fairlands who walks his dog into the passage for a poo under the dog poo bin and leaves it there. I'm too scared to say anything but i've always wanted to so I love your work!

Photographs, photographs, photographs...

As they say Pam, it all happened so fast! Its not like I was looking to pap the dog or anything...

I meant, of the (s)hit and run brigade.  Universal carrying of cameras must be having some impact on such minor (?) crimes, no?  You can't mug anyone these days without ending up on yout*be.  Or have "sex" with a footballer.

Do Haringey carry out enforcement?  Now that you've linked the dog to an address, if it happens again they can get onto it if so.

I think they'd have to link the crap with the crapper. Can you imagine doing the DNA test! By the way, well done Justin.



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