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A first trip to the Royal Mail's Tufnell Park Parcel Collection Point

And I must say, I couldn't quite call it pleasant.  It is situated in the deep end of this industrial park which did not bother me after all the trouble to get to the Tufnell Park station. What bothered me was that it was a bit of an obstacle course.  I was with my daughter on a buggy, trying to make sure that we are on a pedestrian walk-way.  And look what I found:

In fact, this was the second instance of a car blocking the pavement.  There was a rental heavy machinery shop (with diggers, etc.) prior to this point and a car was parking at a corner of a pavement end, blocking our safe passage. 

Overall, my impression is that it is not a place where they have been expecting visitors like us.  I hope Royal Mail will be talking to the landlord to tighten the act of other tenants.

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Response via Twitter:

You can't even park at the new place? :-0 Good to know.

Come to think, there were some parking spaces in front of the premise, but it may be for their use rather than us, considering there does not seem to be any drive way at the back of their builidng. 

The distance to get there beside (though it is still the biggest problem for it not being local to us), the place itself does not give you the feel for a business-to-customer premise.  It is an industrial parkand it feels wrong for me to be walking aruond there as the rest seems more like a depot or factory.  I do not think the industrial park itself was designed to expect frequently visitng customers...  Also, as Staion Road being rather lengthy and with some obstacles along the way, the people with less means of access will struggle as well.  Something to be definitly said about such a place being in the middle of town near you.

Also, I want to know whatever happened to their effort to leave parcels with your neighbours???  I really hope this was once-a-bluemoon event...

Was it busy? I hope to never have to go there actually! Recent parcels I've got redirected to the post office for £1.50 and also the postmen are quite good at leaving with our neighbours.

It was not so busy.  But I collected my parcel on Friday morning, so that may be something to do with it...  

Yes, re-direction was another option, except I needed it by Friday.  Also, £1.50 may be a steep fee to some.  I am however glad to know that the postmen in your area have been good to leave parcels with your neighbours for you.  Hopefully, it will be the case for me too.

I spoke with the Royal Mail press office about the neighbour scheme. Apparently, the decision on whether to attempt to leave a parcel with your neighbour is down to the postman. This could mean that in theory that you don't get the service because you have a postman who prefers not to leave items with neighbours. If you feel this is an issue for you, you can call the Royal Mail customer helpline.

Thanks, Hugh, for the detail - I guess I have not come across enough incidents for me to complain, but I will keep it mind.  In honesty, I would be likely to pay just 1.50 for the convenience, but sometimes, like this time, I may need to pick it up from the depot.

This is a "solution" that may be convenient for the Royal Mail but the public service aspect seems to have evaporated. It might save RM even more money if they had a single parcel collection point for all of North London or for all of the south east for that matter, but then it'd be even less of a service for the public.

yep...we had to drive there this morning to collect a couple of parcels....it is a bit bleak...probably not the sort of deserted area you'd want to be trundling down alone in the dark!

I have organised re-deliveries on line, for a day of my choice, on account of not being able to get there easily and they have all worked out fine.  I suggest that people take advantage of this option, as it's much less stressful.  It's also free.  The £1.50 cost is if you redirect it to a local post office and collect it from there.



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