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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A petition right after my own heart, started by a member of Tottenham Civic Society.

Click here to read/sign.

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You may joke, Justin, and fans as we are of the work of the TCS, the forming of a Harringay version is definitely something that has been discussed a number of times on here to get some attention for the Victorian/Edwardian heritage in this bit of the Borough. We are however united in our dislike of the visual pollution that is the lamp post advert whether it is obscuring our view of a Georgian heritage or a Victorian one and urge people to support the petition
Liz, a was leg-pulling! I'm actually a member of the TCS - you'd be very welcome to join us and, if you so wish, campaign on Harringay matters.
I wasn't, Justin, we have discussed the possibility on here a couple of times of forming a Harringay 'chapter'. I guess you have a point though, that perhaps we should lobby the existing group to get us some attention up this end. The problem in the past was perhaps that Harringay had a low profile but with the archive we are collecting on here, the Wikipedia stuff, the Harringay passage articles etc, it might be time to re evaluate what can be done around here to preserve what little is left before it all becomes a distant memory.
BTW, I have signed the petition.
See today's local news update for a story in this week's Hornsey & Crouch End Journal. (Links via tab at top of the page)
Have you seen the railway bridge it now has adverts for McDonalds on it.....
Guess that's Haringey's response then!
They made such a fuss about the new banners on the bridge even putting up a plaque about it now its just advertising....crazy
Did you take a photo?
alas no
At the risk of sending Hugh into orbit, here is the attractive new edition to the Harringay bridge
They have got to be kidding! (Woosh!)

Now, if they'd said McDonalds Harringay open 24 hours, I'd have forgiven them everything! (One in the eye for the councillors who want to change our area's name to Green Lanes). But instead we have:

"Turn left at the lights for Visiting Green Lanes".

It just gets better and better!

I suppose it could have been put on the other side and we'd have had

"Green Lanes, open 24 hours"

But I'd have preferred to have seen a slightly different Mcdonolds sign on the old bridge (which for those that don't know said Welcome to Harringay.
Then we could have ended up with something like

Harringay - I'm lovin' it



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