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A petition right after my own heart, started by a member of Tottenham Civic Society.

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I've signed.
Oh my gosh, so have I. I hate those ruddy banner round Sainsbury's, so ugly. It seems no public space these days is safe from someone selling it to a brand. Where's that pic of yours, Hugh, that you doctored to remove all the clutter? It was a real eye opener to how much this insidiousness ugliness has crept up on us.
Pic is here Liz - also can go to it via tag, above. (Click the pic for a larger size).

We were assured at one time that one side of the banners would be for public information, the other for advertising. This does not seem to be so now. And it's ridiculous that many of the banners are actually promoting the advertising space.

My main objection is not to the content however but to the added visual pollution. hey constitute a danger to all road users as drivers are distracted and, placed at the height they are, they are obviously aimed at drivers. I notice that the authorities have decided to fit brightly-lit halos to Belisha beacons, presumably because they are not sufficiently visible against the cluttered background.

Ban the banners :-)
As much as I don't like the banners, I wonder how much revenue it raises for the council and what financial impact it would have on council tax should they go, not much I assume?

Maybe the larger bins requested on Green Lanes could have advertising on them rather than every lampost?

Sad fact of modern life that advertising pays, even for websites : )
Of course you're right Birdy, but for my part I weigh up the costs and benefits - how much is it worth to me to have the visual pollution. And, my guess is that it would be a darn site more than the revenue it earns. It's a matter of where the line is drawn. One could say that there is such a need for revenue that Haringey Council should be encouraged to advertise in the parks, on kerbsides, hang banners from trees etc, etc. For me, the banners are a step too far. The Council should at least understand what people's priorites are and then make revenue raising and spending decisions against that background. If we don't let them know how we feel, how can they include that as a consideration.

(But, since you asked, I'll stick in a quick freedom of Information question to get an answre to that question).
In an ideal world I wouldn't want any form of advertising down my high street, whether it be council, telephone boxes or huge ad boards on the sides of buildings but they would put a poster on your front door if it paid for the thousands of bottles of mineral water used each year by the council.

I really can't say I've noticed them down Green Lanes, amongst all the other tat that is hanging around that is, apart at the south end towards Manor House. I shall observe when I cycle past tonight.
Yeah, I think the main area for banner adverts on GL is, as you say, down at the Manor House end. I think the guy that started the petition lives elsewhere in the borough. This isn't just a Harringay issue. (Did you see the picture I linked to above - taken last autumn, I think.)
Maybe the Guerrilla Gardening team could replace them with hanging baskets, providing one of them has a mobile crane of course : )
You could be on to something by linking a bin redesign with advert space. I'm not sure a more 'efficient' bin would have to be very much bigger but I wonder if companies such as McDonalds, Costa, Sainsbury's etc would be interested in sticking their logos on spilt bins for recycling which would send subliminal messages that their companies support such behaviour (maybe be Greenwash, but if it generates cash...) and, (maybe stretching it ), nudge the grazing hordes of Harringay into associating the container in their hand with the bin with the companies name on it.
Surely better for their image than being associated with visual pollution.
Here is a pic from Tottenham of a lampost decorated with an advert advertising the space on the lampost. Note the beautiful Georgian houses behind.
Brill, have signed. Particuarly loath those ruddy Sainsburys ones ...
But it's the TOTTENHAM Civic society. When you going top start up a Harringay CS? (-:



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