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How would you feel about gating the passage ways of the Ladder? I could be completely wrong (as I don't use the passageways) but it appears to me that there are more costs than benefits to having free access to passways. They are poorly overlooked and offer too many opportunities to a criminal - no escape routes for victim in the passage way, quick escape route for criminal from street. These areas could be kept for wheelie bin storage or something more creative instead.

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I definitely wouldn't like to see the passage closed off - more people should be encouraged to use it. I use it as a pedestrian and a cyclist - dog mess, rubbish and broken glass are the main problem. Seeing as just about all of London has CCTV anyway, why not point a few cameras down the passage to improve safety and make the people that use it as a toilet/dump think again.
Gating, as in a hinged gate?

I think it would become problematic with all the people who use the passage with prams and small children on bikes.

Like everything that the council seem to do, it’s policed half-heartedly. There is suppose to be cameras policing the passage, they don’t work. There is suppose to be legislation against irresponsible dog owners and illegal tippers, the council do nothing about it.

If they put half as much effort in addressing such issues as they do on collecting parking fines and other such fees, the passage wouldn’t be in the state it’s in.
But modern day streets would never have a passage way half way down. People should be encouraged to walk streets that have good surveillance for their own safety and also to be surveyors themselves. Passageways are quick get aways for criminals. CCTV is too expensive. You would have to have people to man the cameras and then more to act when criminal activity takes place. Can't the community be the best CCTV, i.e. simply by being seen on the street and not taking short cuts?
There are various passages through New River Village and that's only a couple of years old.

As matt has stated, many people use the passage as it is safer (and shorter) than taking two kids on Green Lanes.
Gating the passage is a non-starter. It's used by a lot of people, if not by yourself.

Gating would create a handy dumping ground for rubbish. Mobile cameras have been used but permanent cameras would be a problem as they tend to over-look people's gardens! Besides, good old fascist UK has more cameras per person than capitalist China.

I saw the police patrolling the passage today as it happens and rubbish is theoretically dealt with once a week. Biggest problem are dogs not trained to use their owner's toilets. :)
It is indeed used by pedestrians. It is the main route for kids going to the 2 schools, who would otherwise have to dodge the cars and traffic on Wightman Rd.
Sorry, awful idea. The passage is a fantastic way of getting around without having to go onto the main roads. I use it as a cyclist and a pedestrian (with or without pram). My son loves to walk down it and I'd rather worry about him encountering dogshit than a car, bus or distracted shopper.

To be honest, it is a shame that you can't get all the way down the passage to Endymion (sp?) road (and thus avoid having to go on Green Lanes at all to get to the park). But I guess that would cause problems for Railway Fields.

I wish more people would use them. That might reduce the selfish *** who don't clean up after their dogs.
How do people feel about cyclists riding along the Passage?

I found out recently that the police are entitled to fine you £50 if found cycling along a footpath, which includes the passage. I've even seen someone being fined by the police!

Wightman Rd of course is incredibly dangerous to cycle along. I know of someone knocked down recently. Green Lanes isn't much better.

So what is a cyclist to do!?
Cyclists are fine by me except when the schools are starting or ending. It is bad enough guiding kids around dog mess etc without contending with avoiding cyclists too. Apart from those times, not a problem and certainly safer than the main roads.
If they are not going to do some serious traffic calming in Wightman Rd perhas they should formally allow cyclists to use the passageway (outside the school runs). I do cycle on Wightman, but it is probably a bit mad really.
I know, I'm not sure about cycling down there. When I do I am very slow, very careful and I always am super polite with the people I come across. I only use it first thing in the morning when it is quite quiet, and come back along GL. The most logical thing to do would be to go along Wightman Road but it scares the pants off me.
With so many keen cyclists (I used to be but my husband has had so many accidents, it scares me witless now), does anybody know what Haringey's policy is regarding cycling, given their goal to become the 'greenest' borough?



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